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Alexander SHIVER

Alexander Shiver was born Dec 1854 in Irwin County, Georgia, a son of Ransom and Sarah SHIVER.

He married Elizabeth or Liddy SHIVER, daughter of John and Mary SHIVER about 1873 probably in Worth County, Georgia. To this marriage was born 2 children:

  1. Martha or Mattie, b. Oct 1875.
  2. Warren Judson, b. 13 Oct 1877, d. 28 Mar 1942.

Elizabeth died sometime before 1885, and Alexander remarried Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS, daughter of James B. WILLIAMS and Melissa PLAIR (and adopted daughter of Marion Harmon SHIVER and Mary "Polly" GUNTER) on 26 Dec 1885 in Mitchell County, Georgia and their marriage produced 9 children:

  1. Delila, b. 25 Oct 1885. (Married T. J. JONES).
  2. Louanza, b. 11Feb 1888. (Married T. P. STEWART).
  3. Jennie (twin), b. Oct 1889, d. abt. 1901.
  4. Minnie (twin), b. Oct 1889. (Married Perry ARGO).
  5. Laura, b. 12 Mar 1891. (Married Louis CONE).
  6. David Ester, b. 8 Apr 1893.
  7. James Warren, b. 3 Apr 1895.
  8. Charles Brinson, b. 28 Jun 1897. (Married Lillie Mae MEADOWS). For more information on this line, please contact Kenneth Shiver.
  9. Bessie, b. Apr 1899. (Married Lewis WATSON).
  10. Emmett Brown, b. 7 Oct 1901. (Married Lora Sawilla BARNETTE). For more information on this line, please contact Warren Shiver.
  11. Katie Jewell, b. 7 Oct 1905. (Married Reade McGRAW).

Photo of Alexander SHIVER taken about 1900
Photo of Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS SHIVER taken about 1930

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Alexander died on 25 Nov 1927 in Manchester, Meriwether County, Georgia. He was followed in death by Mary Elizabeth on 24 Dec 1943, also in Manchester.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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