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Abraham SHIVER
(abt. 1763-1844)

Abraham Shiver was born about 1763 in South Carolina, the likely 2nd son of John SHIVER and Hannah CLEMMONS. Some time in the mid-1780s he met and married Martha ???.

The known children of this couple are:

  1. Jacob, b. abt. 1788, d. 1814. (Married ????).
  2. Isaac, b. abt. 1790, d. 1814.
  3. Burwell or Burrel, b. abt 1793, d. 3 Jun 1852.
  4. Milley, b. abt 1797. (Married George PAYNE).
  5. Elijah, b. abt. 1798. (Married Nancy ???).
  6. Daniel, b. abt 1805. (Married Mentena SHIVER).
  7. George Washington, b. 1805. (Married Mary ANDERSON).
  8. Bonaparte, b. 1811. (Married Hannah DINSON).
  9. Canzada "Cansady", b. abt. 1816, d. 11 Oct 1880. (Married (1) George CHERRY and (2) Arthur NEWMAN).
  10. Isaac, b. 1819 or 1822. (Married (1) Evaline G. DENSON, (2) Mary Ann C. BURCH, and (3) Margaret D. CROSS).
  11. Jacob, b. abt 1823, d. 1867. (Married (1) Susan BURCH and (2) Mary DEES).
  12. Catherine, b. abt 1829, d. abt 1885. (Married Nathan C. WOMBLE).

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Sometime during the growth of their family , Abraham and Martha moved into Georgia. Most of their children ended up in the Dooly, Houston, Pulaski, and Worth County, Georgia area.

Abraham's last will and testament was filed in Pulaski County on 22 May 1843. He died on 30 Jan 1844. His wife Martha died sometime before his will was filed, as she is not mentioned therein.

Three of Abraham's sons moved further south into Hamilton County, Florida, according to an article in Vol. 18, #22 of the Hawkinsville Dispatch dated Thursday Morning, 29 May 1884. It states: "Among those who moved from Pulaski and the adjoining counties to Hamilton County, Florida from 1845 to 1855, were James L. Carruthers, Ed Isaac, Daniel Mathews, James Oliver Jelks, Sam Robuck, Pleasant Robuck, William Robuck, D. T. Cross, Jacob Shiver, Isaac Shiver and Bone Shiver."

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