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Joseph Shiver was born 15 Nov 1850 in Worth County, Georgia, a son of John and Mary SHIVER.

He was married 25 Dec 1878 in Worth County to Eva Lilla MOREE, daughter of Harrison and Lena (MELTON) MOREE. Harrison's parents were Alfred and Laney (O'NEAL) MOREE.

Ivy Monroe Shiver, a son of Joseph, wrote a family history in the 1950s. I've included a full transcript of this history on the site.

The known children of this couple are:

  1. Ivy Monroe, b. 27 Nov 1879. (Married (1) Eliza Florence AULTMAN and (2) Pearl Elizabeth REYNOLDS).
  2. Annie Mary Lee, b. 1 Nov 1881, d. 1918. (Married George W. AULTMAN).
  3. Mellie, b. 5 Mar 1884. (Married Harrison W. POWELL).
  4. Elzie Lafayett, b. 4 Jan 1888. (Married Ola McCLAMMERY).
  5. Texas, b. 10 Jul 1890. (Married Julian W. GREEN).
  6. Oris Jacob, b. 10 Nov 1892, d. 14 Jan 1956. (Married Lessie BRADY).
  7. Arthur Gilbert, b. 10 Aug 1895. (Married Mildred GRINER).
  8. Iverson Lumpkin, b. 19 Apr 1899. (Married Lois McDONALD).
  9. Erman Coley, b. 12 Dec 1901. (Married Lois KEMP).

Joseph passed away on 5 May 1931 in Worth County, Georgia. Eva Lilla passed away on 21 Jan 1950 also in Worth County, Georgia.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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