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Mary Elizabeth Marjorie SHIVER

Mary Elizabeth Marjorie Shiver was born about 1854 in Baker County, Georgia, a daughter of Jacob and Rebecca J. SHIVER.

She was married 29 Nov 1873 in Mitchell County, Georgia to William Green SHIRAH. The known children of this couple are:

  1. Rosa Lee, b. 7 Jul 1874. (Married George Ennis SHIVER).
  2. Lavada, b. abt. 1876.
  3. Cansady, abt. 1878.
  4. Irene, b. 1880.
  5. Irvin Jacob, b. 3 Sep 1882, d. 13 Jun 1968. (Married Gertrude E. ????).
  6. William Henry, b. 11 Jan 1883, d. 18 Feb 1960. (Married Jackie C. SHIVER).
  7. Hattie Emma, b. May 1887, d. 1 Dec 1959. (Married Leonard Lonze THOMPSON).
  8. Ida Katherine Lenora, b. 1 Mar 1889. (Married Emery Calab SHIVER).
  9. Alphonses, b. Jan 1891.
  10. Laura M., b. Jan 1893. (Married Otis SHIRAH).
  11. Lillar, b. 10 Oct 1894.
  12. Eula Belle, b. Aug 1897.

Photo of William Green and Mary Elizabeth Marjorie SHIVER and family
Given the ages of the children, the picture was probably taken about 1900 or so.

Mary Elizabeth Marjorie died in 1921. William Green Shirah followed her in death in 1930. Their burial place is unknown to me at this time.

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