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In a recently discovered DAR Application filed by a descendant, John CAIN was apparently born on 25 Jun 1745 in South Carolina. The data in this application appears very specific, yet no documents are offered in evidence, other than a "record" that was made by Henry Clay STARR, and was given to his son-in-law prior to his death in 1933. All dates, until proven with documentation, are therefore suspect; but I am placing them here for other researchers to see and perhaps either document them or refute them.

John CAIN then married Elizabeth (born 16 Aug 1750 in South Carolina) on 3 Dec 1770.

They had at least 4 children, which are listed below:

  1. William M., b. 1775 (Married Eugenia ???).
  2. Mary, b. 1777 (Married Mr. MATTHEWS).
  3. Jane, b. 1780 (Married Bradford WATERS).
  4. Elizabeth, b. 10 Aug 1780 (the application states "1782"). (Married (1) John C. PINKSTON and (2) Silas STARR).

According to the application, John CAIN appears to have served under Col. Elijah Clarke in the Revolutionary War in Washington Co., Georgia from 20 Aug 1781 until the end of the war. As Washington County was not formed at that time, this appears to be incorrect. It may be that the extract should read that he served under Col. Clarke OF Washington Co. Much more research is necessary to pinpoint his Revolutionary War service, particularly the company and type of service.

It seems he may have gone to Georgia right after the war, as John CAIN appears in the 1785 tax list of Wilkes Co., Georgia in Capt. Wilson's Dist: John CAIN 1 poll, 250 acres Wilkes Co., 575 acres in Washington Co. (QUESTION: Was his land all right near the border of the two counties?)

John CAIN later appears in the 1795 tax list of Wilkes Co., Georgia as follows: "Capt. John CAIN 1 poll, 250 acres Wilkes Co., 287-1/2 acres Washington Co. -- in Capt. Thompson's Dist. along with James ALFORD, Samuel TOWNSON, Elizabeth TOWNSON, William JACKSON, John LAWED."

He also provided security, along with Jere. MATTHEWS for William M. KAIN, who was appointed administrator of John C. PINKSTON's estate in Aug 1804.

The death date given on the DAR application for John CAIN is 18 Nov 1814, supposedly in Wilkes Co. Apparently a check of published Wilkes Co. records lists no probate for John CAIN, but there is a probate for Jacob CAIN in 1816. Could Jacob be a brother to John? It remains to be seen if perhaps his probate records will be found in Washington County or surrounding environs. John's wife Elizabeth is stated to have died in Wilkes County on 12 Oct 1820.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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