1850 Census of Marion County, GA
transcribed by Mary Kathryn Kozy/Jan Crews

There are 39 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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????, Samuel
Abbott, Alley
Abbott, James
Abbott, John
Abbott, Mary
Alexander, Benj
Alexander, Catherine
Alexander, David
Alexander, James
Alexander, Mary
Alexander, Mary J
Alexander, Wm
Allen, Elisabeth
Allen, Emily
Allen, John
Allen, John
Allen, Wm
Anders, Franklin
Anders, James
Anders, Robt
Anders, Samuel
Anders, Sarah
Anderson, Nancy
Andrews, Martha
Andrews, Mary
Andrews, Samuel
Andrews, Sarah
Argo, Clementine
Argo, Jackson
Argo, John
Argo, Martha
Argo, Mary
Argo, Mary
Argo, Sarah
Argo, Thos
Armstrong, Jams
Armstrong, Martha
Armstrong, Venis
Armstrong, Vina
Ashley, George
Atkinson, Albert
Bacon, Caroline
Bacon, Edith
Bacon, Edmond
Bacon, Jesse
Bacon, John
Bacon, Langston
Bacon, Laydab
Bacon, Loyale
Bacon, Mary
Bacon, Sarah
Bacon, Sarah
Bacon, Wm
Baggin, Catherine
Baggin, Cidia
Baggin, Mecajah
Baggin, Thos.
Baggin, Wm
Baggrett, Ann
Baggrett, Henry
Baggrett, Matilda
Baggrett, Sarah
Baker, Lydia
Baker, Martin
Baker, Martin
Baker, Sarah
Ball, Jane
Ball, Sarah
Ball, Wm
Banks, Robt
Bargins, Margaret
Barre, Rebecca
Bayet, Andrew
Bayet, Joshua
Bayet, Martha
Bayet, Mary
Bayet, Rebecca
Bayet, Sarah
Bayet, Uriah
Bayett, Agnis
Bayett, Joshua
Bayett, Sarah
Beard, Eviline
Beard, John
Beard, Joseph
Beard, Joseph
Beard, Louisa
Beard, Lucinda
Beard, Mary
Beard, Wm
Bearden, Emily
Bearden, John
Bearden, Mary
Beardin, Wm
Beasely, Augustus
Beasely, Benj.
Beasely, Maria
Beasely, Wm W
Bell, Babel
Bell, Cintha
Bell, Elias
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Harriett
Bell, John
Bell, Lucretia
Bell, Mary
Bell, Richard
Bell, Robt
Bell, Susannah
Bell, Thos
Bell, Wm
Belt, Frances
Belt, Henry
Belt, Mary
Belt, William A.
Bently, Augustus
Bently, Green
Bently, Martha
Bently, Mary
Bently, Susan
Bently, Wm
Black, Nancy
Black, Wm L
Blackman, Kizziah
Blair, Mary
Blair, Osborne
Blair, Virginia
Blandford, Caroline
Blandford, Mark H
Bohanon, James
Bohanon, Jeptha
Bohanon, Martha
Bohanon, Mary
Bohanon, Nancy
Bohanon, Wm
Bond, Caroline
Bond, Jeremiah
Bond, Mary
Bond, Rebecca
Bond, Robert
Bond, Robt
Bond, Sarah
Boon, Catherine
Boon, Charrity
Boon, Elizabeth
Boon, Giles
Boon, Stephen
Boon, Susanah
Boon, Wm
Bowden, Elenoer
Bowden, Elisha M
Bowden, Eliza
Bowden, John
Bowden, Nancy
Bowers, Ellen
Bowers, George
Bowers, James
Bowers, John
Bowers, Martha
Bowers, Sarah
Bradley, Elner
Bradley, Joseph
Bradley, Nathaniel
Bradley, Octavia
Bradley, Paul
Bradley, Sarah
Bradley, Sarah
Bradley, Wm
Bradoon?, Sarah
Bray, Christianna
Bray, Eda
Bray, Greenberry
Bray, John
Bray, Rasberry
Bray, Wm
Bray, Wm
Brazil, Mary
Brazil, Missouri
Brazil, Nathan E
Brock, Edward
Brooks, Adella
Brooks, Allen
Brooks, Allen
Brooks, Allen
Brooks, Asberry
Brooks, Charles
Brooks, Daniel
Brooks, David
Brooks, Elisabeth
Brooks, Elisabeth
Brooks, Emiline
Brooks, Emily
Brooks, Francis
Brooks, Henry
Brooks, James
Brooks, James
Brooks, Jane
Brooks, Jane
Brooks, Jorden
Brooks, Joseph
Brooks, Joseph
Brooks, Margaret
Brooks, Mariah
Brooks, Marion
Brooks, Martha
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Nancy
Brooks, Nancy
Brooks, Robt
Brooks, Robt
Brooks, Sarah
Brooks, Sarah
Brooks, Susan
Brooks, Thos
Brooks, Wm
Brown, Ann
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Enoch
Brown, George A
Brown, George W
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, Jane
Brown, Jemtha A
Brown, John
Brown, Jos
Brown, Julia
Brown, Mary
Brown, Osborn
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Rebecca A
Brown, Reuben
Brown, Reuben
Brown, Rodolphus
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Ugenia
Brown, Wm
Brown, Wm M
Browning, Jefferson
Browning, Nancy
Bullock, Benj
Bullock, Cordy
Bullock, Doctor L
Bullock, Elna
Bullock, Elna
Bullock, George
Bullock, James
Bullock, Jams
Bullock, Jane
Bullock, Jane
Bullock, John
Bullock, Mary
Bullock, Mary
Bullock, Nancy
Bullock, Nancy
Bullock, Sarah
Bullock, Wm
Burkhalter, Ann
Burkhalter, David C
Burkhalter, David N.
Burkhalter, Dorothy
Burkhalter, Harriet
Burkhalter, John
Burkhalter, Mary
Burkhalter, Sarah
Burkhalter, Savannah
Burkholter, Jeremiah
Burson, Mary
Burton, John R
Bush, Elisa
Bush, Hepsy?
Bush, Jane
Bush, Mary
Bush, Nancy
Cameron, Mary
Camp, Henry
Camp, John
Camp, Lucinda
Camp, Lucinda
Camp, Martha
Camp, Mary
Camp, Newton
Camp, Sarah
Camp, Susan
Camp, Wm
Campbell, Archabel
Campbell, Francis
Carlisle, Alonzo
Carlisle, Charles
Carlisle, Elijah
Carlisle, Elisabeth
Carlisle, Joel
Carlisle, John
Carlisle, Joshua
Carlisle, Lucy
Carlisle, Rebecca
Carlisle, Wm
Cartin, Aaron
Cartin, Bartly
Cartin, Nancy
Castin, Delila
Castin, Elizabeth
Castin, Emaly
Castin, Glas
Castin, Harriett
Castin, Isac
Castin, Jane
Castin, Lucinda
Castin, Lydia
Castin, Mary
Castin, Monroe
Castin, Susan
Cathron, John
Chambess, John D
Chambess, Obedience
Champion, Abel
Champion, Berry
Champion, Columbus
Champion, Floyd
Champion, Francis
Champion, Geo M
Champion, George
Champion, Gilbert
Champion, Jacob
Champion, Jason
Champion, Jasper
Champion, Laura
Champion, Margrett
Champion, Mary
Champion, Sarah
Champion, Susanna
Champion, Wm
Cheshire, Colon M
Cheshire, Frances
Cheshire, George
Cheshire, John
Cheshire, Lucinda
Clark, Elvina
Clark, Jos
Clarke, Wm A.
Clements, Eliza
Clements, John
Clements, Joseph
Clements, Joseph
Clements, Mariah
Clements, Martha
Clements, Mary
Clements, Peyton
Clements, William
Copeland, Antonitte
Copeland, Henry W
Copeland, Malissa
Corler, Salida
Corler, Thos
Corler, Wm
Corler, Wm
Coton, Dorcas
Coton, Dorcas
Coton, John
Coton, John
Coton, Martha
Coton, Matilda
Coton, Wm
Covington, Anna
Covington, Delilah
Covington, Marshall
Covington, Marshall
Cowen, Narcissa
Cox, Cary L
Crawford, Bland
Crawford, James
Crawford, James
Crawford, John
Crawford, Joseph
Crawford, Nancy
Crawford, Nancy
Crawford, Robt
Crawford, Thos
Culls, John
Daniel, Henry
Daniel, Jasper G
Daniel, Joseph
Daniel, Martha
Daniel, Martha
Daniel, Mary
Daniel, Mary
Daniel, Nathaniel M
Daniel, Susan
Darby, Cynthia
Darby, William T
Darby, Winifred
Dasten, Adaline
Dasten, Catheron
Dasten, Robt
Davis, Addison
Davis, Adret
Davis, David
Davis, Dorothy
Davis, Elisabeth
Davis, Francis
Davis, Hariet
Davis, Hariet
Davis, James
Davis, James
Davis, Jesse
Davis, Johathan
Davis, John
Davis, Josh
Davis, Joshua
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Mary
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Rebecca
Davis, Samul
Davis, Thos
Davis, Wm
Davis, Zilpha
Day, James S
Day, Jeptha
Day, Job
Day, Mary
Day, Rebecca
Day, Safronia
Day, Savanah
Day, Wel*ron
Day, William
Deason, Ardilla
Deason, Catherin
Deason, Cyntha
Deason, Delana
Deason, John
Deason, John
Deason, Jonathan
Deason, Kilsa
Deason, Malcom
Deason, Michael
Deason, Olive
Deason, Rhoda
Deason, Samuel
Deason, Sarah
Deason, Thomas
Deason, William
Deason, William
Deason, Wm
Devenport, Arabella
Devenport, Hariet
Devenport, Smith
Devenport, Wm
Dickson, Catherine
Dickson, Hannah
Dickson, Thomas L
Dillard, Allen
Dillard, Amanda
Dillard, Densy
Dillard, Eda
Dillard, Eliza
Dillard, Emeline
Dillard, George
Dillard, George
Dillard, Harriett
Dillard, James
Dillard, Jatt??
Dillard, Jefferson
Dillard, John A
Dillard, Martha
Dillard, Milton
Dillard, Nancy
Dillard, Sarah
Dillard, Thomas
Dillard, Wm
Dowd, Matilda
Dowd, Wm
Duggin, Wm
Duke, Anders
Duke, Francis
Duke, Harriett
Duke, Henrietta
Duke, James
Duke, Jane
Duke, Joseph B
Duke, Martha
Duke, Mary
Duke, Nancy
Duke, Priscilla
Duke, Rebecca
Duke, William
Dun, Henrietta
Dun, Laben
Dun, Lunsford R
Dun, Mary
Dun, Rebecca
Edwards, Jesse G
Edwards, John
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, Sarah
Edwds, Andrew
Edwds, Louisa
Edwds, Martha
Eidson, Samul
Elliott, Burrage
Elliott, Crawford
Elliott, EAnn E
Elliott, Mary Ann
Elliott, Nancy
Elliott, Stephen
Elliott, Wm
Englet, Acy
Englet, Cindarella
Englet, Dora
Englet, Elmira
Englet, Winigford
Ennis, Artha
Ennis, Cornelia
Ennis, Elizabeth
Ennis, Geor
Ennis, George
Ennis, James
Ennis, Mariah
Ennis, Martha
Epps, Cicero
Epps, Hariet
Epson, Gilly
Estes, Charles
Estes, George
Estes, Henrie? S
Estes, James
Estes, Martha
Estes, Mary
Estes, Richd
Estes, Thos
Estis, Allen W.
Estridge, Elisabeth
Estridge, Elisabeth
Estridge, Glassy
Estridge, Lydia
Estridge, Margaret
Estridge, Martha
Estridge, Sterling
Estridge, Wm
Estridge, Wm W
Etheridge, Margarett
Etheridge, Samuel
Fain, Clarissa
Fain, Ellender
Fain, Jason
Fain, Jasper
Fain, Martha
Fleming, Lord
French, 36
French, Andrew
French, Elisabeth
French, Florida
French, Frances
French, Richd
French, Sarah
French, Tilman
French, Wm C
French, Wm J
Fulford, Elisabeth
Fulford, James
Fulford, James
Fulford, Martha
Fulford, Martha
Fulford, Mary
Fulford, Wm
Fursee, Caroline
Fursee, Charleston
Fursee, John
Fursee, Laura
Fursee, Martha
Fursil, Benjamin
Fursil, Eliza
Fursil, James
Fursil, Joseph
Fursil, Mary W
Fursil, Morris
Fursil, Nancy
Fursil, Wm
Fussell, Jefferson
Fussell, John W
Fussell, Mary
Fussell, Nancy
Gantrey, Archilla
Gantrey, Bias
Gantrey, Greenberry
Gantrey, Jasper
Gantrey, Mary
Gantrey, Nancy
Gantrey, Nancy
Gantrey, Solomon
Garrison, Martha J
Geaslin, Annee
Geaslin, Benjamin
Geaslin, Caroline
Geaslin, James
Geaslin, Kynion
Geaslin, Larkin
Geaslin, Larkin
Geaslin, Ledden
Geaslin, Margrett
Geaslin, Nicholas
Geaslin, Tabetha
Geeslin, Elisabeth
Geeslin, Granberry
Geeslin, Louisa
Geeslin, Michael
Geeslin, Rebecca
Geeslin, Richd
Geeslin, Sarah
Geeslin, Susan
Geeslin, Susan
Geeslin, Wm
Gill, Adaline
Gill, Georgia
Gill, Jackson M
Gill, John
Gill, Laura
Gill, Madison
Gill, Martha
Gill, Mary
Gill, Mary
Gill, Rerry
Gill, Tabitha
Gill, Wm
Glaze, Mary
Glaze, William
Golden, Ann Epse
Golden, David
Golden, EAn
Golden, Elisabeth
Golden, Eliza
Golden, Gilly
Golden, Henry
Golden, Isham
Golden, James
Golden, Mary
Gordon, James
Gordon, Margaret
Gordon, Sarah
Gordon, Thos
Gordon, Wm
Graham, Crawford
Graham, Elizbeth
Graham, Isaak
Graham, Joseph
Graham, Lucy
Graham, Martha
Graham, Mary
Graham, Nancy
Graham, Ruthey
Graham, Zacheriah
Gray, Mary
Gray, Samul
Green, Cathorine
Green, Charles
Green, Charles
Green, Eda
Green, Elisabeth
Green, Elisabeth
Green, Jams
Green, John
Green, Robert
Green, Samuel
Green, Winny
Griffin, Catherine
Griffin, Catherine
Griffin, Eliza
Griffin, George
Griffin, James
Griffin, Jane
Griffin, John
Griffin, John
Griffin, Martha
Griffin, Mary
Griffin, Sarah
Griffin, Wm
Griggs, Eliza
Griggs, Louisa
Gullett, Camilla
Gullett, John M. T.
Guthrey, Allen
Guthrey, Benj
Guthrey, Benj
Guthrey, Nancy
Guthrey, Sampson
Hamilton, Henry M
Hammond, Ezekiel
Hammond, Matilda
Hamner, Charles
Hamner, Mary
Hamner, Sarah
Hamner, Susan
Hamner, Wm
Hancock, Andrew
Hancock, Cintha
Hancock, Matilda
Hancock, Philip
Hancock, Susan
Hanks, Elias
Hanks, John
Hanks, John
Hanks, Marion
Hanks, Mary
Hanks, Wilson
Harden, Wm
Harderick, Anna
Harderick, James
Harderick, Mary
Harderick, Sarah
Harderick, Serrena
Harderick, Thos
Harderick, Wm
Hardison, Caroline
Hardison, Charles
Hardison, Franklin
Hardison, Mary
Hardison, Saphronia
Hardison, Wily Ann
Hardison, Wm B
Harper, Mary
Harper, Wm
Harper, Wm H
Harrbuck, Amos
Harrbuck, David
Harrbuck, James
Harrbuck, James
Harrbuck, Janes
Harrbuck, Lawrence
Harrbuck, Lucy
Harrbuck, Martha
Harrbuck, Martha
Harrbuck, Martha
Harrbuck, Mary
Harrbuck, Mary
Harrbuck, Rebecca
Harrbuck, Saml
Harrbuck, Thos W
Harrbuck, Wiley
Harrbuck, Wm
Harris, Jane
Harris, Turner
Hawley, Elizabeth
Hawley, Green
Hawley, Nancy
Hawley, Perleman
Hawley, Pinkney
Heard, Mary
Heard, Robt J
Heard, Saran
Henderson, Ezikiel
Herin, Abner
Herin, Catharine
Herin, Jams L.
Herin, John
Herin, Robt
Hernden, Cornelia
Hernden, Dorcas
Hernden, Frances
Hernden, George
Hernden, John
Hernden, John
Hernden, Neamonis
Hernden, Sarah
Hobbs, Bennett
Hobbs, Eliza
Hobbs, Francis
Hobbs, Jonathan
Hobbs, Levinia
Hobbs, Mary
Hobbs, Melissa
Hobbs, Narcissa
Hobbs, Pascal
Hobbs, Robt
Hobbs, Sarah
Hobbs, Wm
Hogg, Andrew
Hogg, Christopher
Hogg, Elisabeth
Hogg, George
Hogg, James
Hogg, Lewis
Hogg, Lewis
Hogg, Peter
Hogges, Lydia
Hogges, Samuel J
Hollingsworth, Hannah
Hollingsworth, Jacob
Hollingsworth, Mary F
Hollingsworth, Sarah
Hollis, Emma
Hollis, Frances
Hollis, Henry
Hollis, Howell
Hollis, John
Hollis, Martha
Hollis, Martha
Hollis, Susan
Holomon, James
Holomon, Prucilla
Holomon, Sarah
Hood, Easter
Hood, Margeret
Hooe, James
Hooe, Margrett
Hooe, Samuel
Horne, Emily
Horne, Henry
Horne, Joel
Horne, Josephine
Horne, Levi
Horne, Louisa
Horne, Martha
Horne, Mary
Horne, Rebecca
Horne, Sam
Hutchinson, George
Hutchinson, Henry
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, Lorenzo D
Hutchinson, Martha
Hutchinson, Mary
Hutchinson, Nancy
Hutchinson, Susan
Hutchinson, Wm
Ingram, Margaret
Inyo, Elizabet
Irwin, John
Irwin, Nancy
Irwin, Richard
Irwin, Sarah
Irwin, Sarah
Irwin, Thos L
Jackson, John W
Jackson, Julia
James, Byant
James, Catharine
James, Daniel
James, Daniel
James, Daniel
James, David
James, Elisabeth
James, Elisabeth
James, Elisabeth
James, Frances
James, Jane
James, John
James, Margaret
James, Martha
James, Mary
James, Mary
James, Mary
James, Nancy
James, Nancy
James, Rachael
James, Rebecca
James, Richard
James, Richard
James, Sarah
James, Sarah
James, Sarah
James, Susan
James, William
James, Wm
Jasa, Abalein
Jasa, Elizabeth
Jasa, James
Jasa, Mary
Jasa, Mary
Jasa, Sarah
Jet??, Henry M
Johnson, Cintha
Johnston, Francis
Joiner, Elba
Joiner, Franklin
Joiner, Jeremiah
Joiner, Manning
Jones, Calvin
Jones, Cornelia
Jones, George
Jones, Henry
Jones, Leonora
Jones, Mary
Jones, Rebecca
Jones, Wm
Jordan, Albina
Jordan, Ann
Jordan, Henry
Jordan, Irvin
Jordan, Martha
Jordan, Nancy
Jordan, Nicholas
Jordon, Amos
Jordon, Dorcas
Jordon, Jams
Jordon, Judy
Jordon, Penelope
Jordon, Philip
Jordon, Wm
Kelle???, Hariet
Kemp, Morgan
Kemp, Sarah
Kemp, Sarah
Kerksy, Andrew J
Kerksy, Arabella
Kerksy, Elizabeth
Kerksy, Franklin
Kerksy, Matilda
Kerksy, Missouri
Kerksy, Turner
Kid, Easter
Kid, James
Kid, Procilla
Kid, Wm T
Kidd, Cyntha
Kidd, Jane
Kidd, John
Kidd, Margaret
Kidd, Mary
Kidd, Rebecca
Kidd, William E
Killgore, Margrett
King, Frances
King, Green
King, Hugh
King, Nancy
King, Robert
King, Wm C
Lamb, Concord
Lamb, Hezekiah
Lamb, Phileca
Langford, Abner
Langford, Abner
Langford, Ann
Langford, Benj
Langford, Catharine
Langford, Catharine
Langford, David
Langford, Eliza
Langford, Francis
Langford, Franklin
Langford, George
Langford, Hester
Langford, James
Langford, James
Langford, James
Langford, James
Langford, James W
Langford, Jams
Langford, Jams
Langford, John
Langford, John
Langford, John
Langford, Joseph
Langford, Judge
Langford, Judy
Langford, Laura
Langford, Lewis B
Langford, Lystemus
Langford, Maderson
Langford, Marion
Langford, Martha
Langford, Martha
Langford, Mary
Langford, Mary
Langford, Mary
Langford, Nancy
Langford, Phillip
Langford, Rufus
Langford, Washington
Langford, Washington
Langford, Winna
Langford, Wm
Langford, Wm
Langford, Wm
Lanhorn, Isham
Lanhorn, Joel
Lanhorn, Mahalia
Lanhorn, Shinon
Lanhorn, Simeon
Lanhorn, Susan
Lawson, Mary
Lee, Catherine
Lee, Eliza
Lee, Ephram
Lee, Isham
Lee, Isham
Lee, Isham
Lee, John
Lee, John B
Lee, Martha
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary
Lee, Matilda
Lee, Moses
Lee, Sarah
Lee, Sarah
Lee, Tyra
Lenga, John A
Lenga, Mary
Lenga, Wm
Lenrd, Ann
Lenrd, Caroline
Lenrd, Daniel
Lenrd, Daniel
Lenrd, Drure
Lenrd, Easter
Lenrd, Emanul
Lenrd, Henry
Lenrd, James
Lenrd, Jane
Lenrd, Lucy
Lenrd, Martha
Lenrd, No Name
Lenrd, Rebecca
Lenrd, Samuel
Lenrd, Susan
Lenrd, Thos
Lenrd, Wellien
Lenrd, William
Lewis, Barnes
Lewis, Caroline
Lewis, Elisabeth
Lewis, James
Lewis, John
Lewis, Robt
Lewis, Virginia
Lewis, Wm
Li*less, Melville
Little, Angelina
Little, David
Little, Gorge
Little, James H
Little, John
Little, John
Little , Lucretia
Little, Martha
Little, Martha
Little , Martha
Little, Rebecca
Little, Rebecca
Little, Sarah
Little, Thos
Little, Thos
Lunsford, Charnell
Lunsford, Elisabeth
Lunsford, Francis
Lunsford, Hamilton
Lunsford, John
Lunsford, Joseph
Lunsford, Martha
Lunsford, Peyton
Lunsford, Steven
Lunsford, Stevn
Lunsford, Susan
Lunsford, Zackariah
Maddox, Mary N
Martin, Amanda
Martin, Jams S
Mathers, Nancy
Matheur, Ann
Matheur, Elizabeth
Matheur, John T
Matheur, Mary
Matheur, Rebecca
Matheur, Sarah
Matheur, Wm
Mathews, Cordelia
Mathews, Franklin
Mathews, Jane
Mathews, Louisa
Mathews, Nancy
Mathews, Sarah
Mayos, Abigal
Mayos, Daniel
Mayos, David
Mayos, Dennis
Mayos, Haze
Mayos, Malissa
Mayos, Martha
Mayos, Martin
Mayos, Mary
Mayos, Thos
Mayos, Thos
McAffrey, Barna
McAffrey, Mary
McCan, Alcey
McCan, Catherine
McCan, John
McCan, Mary
McCan, Susan
McClwean, Edgar
McClwean, Eugenia
McClwean, Frances
McClwean, Leonidas
McClwean, Mack W
McDuffie, George W.
McDuffie, Mary
McDuffie, Nancy
McDuffie, Sarah Ann
McGarrah, 47
McGarrah, Elizabeth
McGarrah, Green
McGarrah, John
McGarrah, Margret
McGarrah, Mary
McGarrah, Mary
McGarrah, Missoura
McGarrah, Moses
McGarrah, Nancy
McGarrah, Thos
McGee, Isac
McGee, Martha
McGee, Mary
McGee, Missoura
McGee, Richard
McGuire, Francis
McGuire, John
McGuire, Juretha
McGuire, Mary
McGuire, Sharlott
McGuire, Thos
McGuire, Wm
McKinney, Amerilla
McMurry, 22
Melton, Elbert
Melton, George
Melton, Henry
Melton, Henry
Melton, John
Melton, Margaret
Melton, Nancy
Melton, Sarah
Melton, Thos
Melton, Willis
Miller, Eralbert W
Mitchell, Francis
Mitchell, Lewis
Moore, Dunbar
Moore, Elisabeth
Moore, John
Moore, Lucinda
Moore, Sarah
Morler, Eliza
Morler, Joseph
Morler, Luisa
Morler, Nancy
Morler, Rebecca
Morrow, John
Morrow, Wm
Murry, Amanda
Murry, David
Murry, Francis
Murry, James
Murry, James
Murry, Thos
Nailer, Jane
Nailer, Nelson
Newsom, Amanda
Newsom, Francis
Newsom, Hesakiah
Newsom, John
Newsom, Kinchen
Newsom, Mary
Newsom, Nancy
Newsom, Thos H
Newsom, William
Nutt, Destimonie
Nutt, Elizabeth
Nutt, Francis
Nutt, James
Nutt, John
Nutt, John C
Nutt, Martha
Nutt, Mary
Nutt, Mary
Nutt, Robt R
Nutt, Wm C
Nutt, Wm C C
Oliver, Abrham
Oliver, Clementine
Oliver, George
Oliver, John
Oliver, Littleton
Oliver, Sarah
Oliver, Sarah P
Oliver, Thad.?
Oliver, Thad?
Outlaw, Joseph
Outlaw, Joseph
Outlaw, Nicholas
Outlaw, Rebecca
Owen, Franklin
Owen, Missouri
Owen, Pernelia
Owens, Joseph
Owens, Margaret
Owens, Martha
Owens, Moses
Owens, Peter
Owens, Sapley
Park, Antonett
Park, Elizabeth
Park, James
Park, John
Park, Josiah A
Park, July A
Park, Martha
Park, Martha
Park, Mary
Park, Mazy
Park, Mazy
Park, W T
Parker, Ann Eliza
Parker, Elanor
Parker, Franklin
Parker, James W
Parker, Marion
Parker, Martha
Parker, Mary
Parker, Nathaniel
Parker, Payton
Parker, Payton
Parker, Permela
Parker, Sarah
Parker, Sarah
Parker, Susan
Parker, Susana
Parker, West
Parker, West S.
Parker, Wm T
Parnell, Elbert
Parnell, Green
Parnell, Hariet
Parnell, Isabel
Parnell, Lydia
Parnell, Martha
Parnell, Sarah
Parnell, Wm
Passmore, Abner
Passmore, Cynthia
Passmore, Elizabeth H.
Passmore, Joseph
Paul, Catharine
Paul, Elisabeth
Paul, Sarah
Peacock, Benja
Peacock, Elizabeth
Peacock, Elner
Peacock, Henry
Peacock, Renagar
Peacock, Ruth
Peacock, Sarah
Pearson, Alsa
Pearson, Christopher
Pearson, Christopher
Pearson, Dorcas
Pearson, Elisabeth
Pearson, Elisabeth
Pearson, Elisabeth
Pearson, Elisabeth
Pearson, Margaret
Pearson, Margaret
Pearson, Mary
Pearson, Peter
Pearson, Stephenson
Pearson, Winlock
Pendry, Louisa
Pendry, Martha
Pendry, Mary
Pendry, Saml
Perdy, Agnis
Perdy, Elizabeth
Perdy, Emaly
Perdy, James
Perdy, John
Perdy, John
Perdy, Mahala
Perdy, Margret
Perdy, Mary
Perdy, Mary
Perdy, Missoura
Perdy, Sarah
Perkins, Emily
Perkins, John
Perkins, John
Perkins, Nancy
Perkins, Sarah
Perkins, Uriah
Perkins, Vina
Perry, Ellinder
Perry, Henry
Perry, Margaret
Perry, Mary
Perry, Wm
Perry, Wm S
Phillips, Ambrose
Phillips, Emaline
Phillips, Francis
Phillips, Martha
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Nancy
Phillips, Tabitha
Phillips, Whitnee
Phillips, Zackeous
Phillips, Zackeous
Powel, Benj
Powel, Catherine
Powel, Daniel
Powel, Edmd
Powel, Elisabeth
Powel, James
Powel, James
Powel, Jeremiah
Powel, Lucnda
Powel, Thos
Powel, Vina
Quinn, Gidion W.
Redman, Alva
Redman, Mary
Redman, Missouri
Redman, Sarah
Redman, Sarah
Redman, Thos
Richardson, Elisabeth
Richardson, Geo W
Richardson, Mahala
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Rachael
Roberson, Fedric
Roberson, Lucinda
Roberson, Martha
Roberson, Willy
Roberts, Albert
Roberts, Anderson
Roberts, Caroline
Roberts, Cary
Roberts, Elisabeth
Roberts, Francis
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, James J
Roberts, Jams
Roberts, Jams
Roberts, Lucretia
Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Martha
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Matilda
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, Susan
Roberts, Wm
Roberts, Wm
Robinett, Allen
Robinett, Andrew
Robinett, Elizabeth
Robinett, Jane
Robinett, Lucy
Robinett, Sarah
Robinett, Thos
Robinett, Wm
Robinson, Francis M
Rowland, Leander
Ryalds, Adaline
Ryalds, John
Ryalds, John
Ryalds, John
Ryalds, Mary
Ryalds, Wm
Sanders, Also
Sanders, Andrew
Sanders, Francis
Sanders, Jane
Sanders, John
Sanders, Madrid
Sanders, Margarit
Sanders, Micajah
Sanders, Milvenia
Sanders, Willis
Sanders, Zach
Savage, Caladonia
Savage, Erasmus
Savage, Isham W
Savage, Levinia
Savage, Malissa
Savage, Margaret J
Schrompshire, Eda
Schrompshire, Elisabeth
Schrompshire, George
Schrompshire, Hulda
Schrompshire, Julia
Schrompshire, Solomon
Schrompshire, Susa
Schrompshire, Wm
Sears, David C
Sears, Hariet
Sears, John
Seim, Daniel
Sheffield, John
Sheffield, Mary
Shipp, Augustus
Shipp, David
Shipp, James
Shipp, Martha
Shipp, Missouri
Shipp, Rebecca
Shipp, Richard
Shipp, Wm
Shoeburn, Nancy
Short, Howell
Short, John
Short, Julia
Short, Martha
Short, Mary
Short, Sarah
Short, Sarah
Short, Washington
Short, Wm
Sims, Emaly
Sims, Henry
Sims, Morgan
Sims, Stephen
Sims, Stephen
Sims, Wm
Sizmor, Eliza
Sizmor, Lucy
Sizmor, Samul
Sizmor, Sarah
Sizmor, Susann
Sizmor, Wm
Sizmor, Young
Sizmor, Young F
Smith, ?enderson
Smith, Acey
Smith, Apollos
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Debana
Smith, Debora
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Francis
Smith, Geo L
Smith, George
Smith, George
Smith, George
Smith, Jimima
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John T
Smith, John T
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Louis
Smith, Maliseas
Smith, Mary
Smith, Matilda
Smith, Palestine
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Samul
Smith, Simon
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Tabitha
Smith, Thos
Smith, Wm
Smith, Wm
Smith, Wm
Smith, Wm
Somner, Lively Ann
Somner, Mary
Somner, Nacy
Somner, Turner
Somner, Wm
Spraberry, Elvira
Spraberry, Mark
Spraberry, Wm
Stevens, Ann E
Stevens, Artamissa
Stevens, John
Stevens, Julia
Stevens, Margaret
Stevens, Missouri
Stevens, Thos J
Stevens, Wm B
Stivers, Frances
Stivers, Nancy
Stivers, Richard R
Stokes, Thos B.
Strander, Allen
Strander, Letha
Strander, Nancy
Strander, Thos
Strander, Wm
Strander, Wm
Striptin, Sarah
Striptin, Wm
Striptin, Wm B
Strong, C T
Strong, Christpher
Strong, Elizabeth
Strong, James
Strong, Lucy
Strong, Martha
Strong, Rebecca
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Frances
Taylor, Greenberry
Taylor, Lewis
Taylor, Marshall
Taylor, Mary
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Nancy
Thompson, Langdon C
Thompson, Paly
Tilman, Amanda
Tilman, David
Tilman, Frances
Tilman, Rebecca
U, U
U, U
Varbrough, Thos
Vincent, Atlas
Walker, Ador
Walker, James
Walker, John
Walker, Jordan
Walker, Stephen
Walker, Susan
Walker, Thomas
Wall, Dicy
Wall, Jefferson
Wall, John
Wall, Shidrack
Wall, Solomon
Wall, Wm
Watson, Amanda
Watson, Benj B
Watson, Cela
Watson, Dennis
Watson, Francis
Watson, James
Watson, John
Watson, Julia
Watson, Lucinda
Watson, Lucinda
Watson, Martha
Watson, Mary
Watson, Nancy
Watson, Richard
Watson, Susan
Wealch, James
Wealch, Jefferson
Wealch, John
Wealch, Malinda
Wealch, Martha
Wealch, Nancy
Wealch, Solomon
Wealch, Tabitha
Wealch, Wm.
Weatherall, Allis
Weatherall, Carolina
Weatherall, Caroline
Weatherall, James
Weatherall, Joseph
Weatherall, Littleton
Weatherall, Margrett
Weatherall, Mary
Weaver, Abitha
Weaver, Ann
Weaver, Clemanda
Weaver, Colom
Weaver, Henry
Weaver, Henry
Weaver, Henry
Weaver, Larkin
Weaver, Paul
Weaver, Permalia
Weaver, Sarah
Weaver, Thos
Weaver, Wm
Weaver, Wm
Weeks, Bartlett
Weeks, Lucinda
Weeks, Mary
Weeks, Sarah
White, Elizabeth
White, Hugh
White, Hugh
White, Mary
White, Thos
Williams, Enoch
Williams, Jeptha
Williams, Mary
Williams, Nancy
Wilson, Daniel
Wilson, Daniel
Wilson, Daniel
Wilson, Jane
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Rebecca
Winders, Thos B
Womack, Abner
Womack, Elisabeth
Womack, James
Womack, Jordan
Womack, Lucyann
Womack, Wm
Woodall, Dorcas
Woodall, James
Woodall, Mary
Woodall, Mary
Woodall, Sarah
Woodall, Stephen
Worrill, Ann
Worrill, Davis
Worrill, Francis
Worrill, Haywood
Worrill, Haywood
Worrill, John
Worrill, Joseph
Worrill, Louisa
Worrill, Margarett
Worrill, Martha
Worrill, Nancy
Worrill, Sarah
Worrill, Susannah
Wright, Albert M
Yarbrough, Edith
Yarbrough, Elizabeth
Yarbrough, Emma
Yarbrough, John
Yarbrough, Margaret
Yarbrough, Mason G
Yarbrough, Robt H
Yarbrough, Sarah
Yarbrough, Sarah
Yarbrough, W D
Yarbrough, Wm