1860 Census of Mitchell County, GA
transcribed by Mary Kathryn Kozy

There are 68 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abbot, Amanda
Abbot, James C.
Abbot, James L.
Abbot, Mary A.
Abbot, no name
Acock, Leonard B.
Acock, Lugenia
Acock, Mary A.
Acock, Mary E.
Acock, Sarah J.
Acree, John B.
Acree, Leonard
Acree, Owen
Acree, Rebecca
Acree, Sarah
Acree, Thomas H.
Adams, Aaron
Adams, Adam
Adams, Archey
Adams, Arrena
Adams, Artemissia
Adams, Behethland
Adams, Charity
Adams, Cuthbert
Adams, David E.
Adams, David W.
Adams, Dolly D.
Adams, Eli
Adams, Elijah
Adams, Elijah
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elizabeth B.
Adams, Emma
Adams, Fields
Adams, George W. L.
Adams, Hansel
Adams, Harmon
Adams, Henrietta
Adams, James H.
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John H.
Adams, John R.
Adams, Leander H.
Adams, Lucinda H.
Adams, Lydia A.
Adams, Martha E.
Adams, Mary A.
Adams, Mary C.
Adams, Mary E.
Adams, Mary S.
Adams, Missouri
Adams, Mitchell
Adams, Nancy
Adams, Noah
Adams, Penny A.
Adams, Peter W.
Adams, Rhoda F.
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Sarah A. M.
Adams, Silas G.
Adams, Susan
Adams, Thomas
Adams, Tullula
Adams, William
Adams, William
Adams, William B.
Adams, Wyat
Adams, Wyatt
Adkinson, John J.
Adkinson, Lucinda
Adkinson, Mahala E.
Adkinson, Mary
Adkinson, Needham V.
Adkinson, William
Akridge, Andrew J.
Akridge, C.
Akridge, Cynthia
Akridge, Daniel H.
Akridge, E.
Akridge, Elisha
Akridge, Eliza
Akridge, Eliza
Akridge, Eliza
Akridge, Elizabeth
Akridge, Elvena
Akridge, Franklin
Akridge, George
Akridge, George
Akridge, Hansel J.
Akridge, Harriet
Akridge, Hary
Akridge, Henry J.
Akridge, Irwin
Akridge, James T.
Akridge, Jane
Akridge, Julia A.
Akridge, L.
Akridge, M.
Akridge, Martin
Akridge, Matilda
Akridge, Samuel
Akridge, William M.
Allen, Alxr.
Allen, Benjemin
Allen, Delaney
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Frances
Allen, George
Allen, Hiram
Allen, James T.
Allen, John
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Julia
Allen, Mary A.
Allen, Mary M.
Allen, Nancy
Allen, Priscilla
Allen, Robert
Allen, Sarah
Allen, William A.
Alligood, Amelia
Alligood, Angeline
Alligood, Braney J.
Alligood, Brinson
Alligood, Catharine
Alligood, Celia
Alligood, Edward C.
Alligood, Elmira
Alligood, Frances
Alligood, George W.
Alligood, Hillary
Alligood, James E.
Alligood, James H.
Alligood, Jenny
Alligood, Jeptha
Alligood, John
Alligood, Joseph
Alligood, Marel
Alligood, Martha F.
Alligood, Mary
Alligood, Olive
Alligood, Pheby
Alligood, Samuel
Alligood, Tinsey
Alligood, Wiley E.
Alligood, William
Ames, Thos.
Ammons, Celia J.
Ammons, Celicia J.
Ammons, Thomas
Arline, Elizabeth
Arline, Franklin
Arline, Henry
Arline, Jas.
Arline, Josephene
Atkinson, Andrew J.
Atkinson, Ezekiel
Atkinson, Joshua
Atkinson, Rebecca
Ayres, David
Ayres, David
Ayres, Eliza J.
Ayres, John
Ayres, Shadrick
Ayres, Susan
Ayres, Thomas
Ayres, William
Bacon, Bellah
Bacon, N.N.
Bacon, N.N.
Bacon, Robert J.
Bailey, Epsey
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, Jasper J.
Bailey, Jasper M.
Bailey, Sarah
Bailey, Thos. B.
Bailey, Vandora
Baker, George
Ball, J. W.
Ball, John A.
Ball, Josephene
Ball, Susan
Ballard, Calvin
Ballard, Charlotte
Ballard, Mary
Bannister, Abbot
Bannister, Andrew A.
Bannister, Henrietta
Bannister, Henry D.
Bannister, Jason
Bannister, Mary
Bannister, Morgan
Bannister, Narcissa
Bannister, Rachel
Barber, Amanda
Barber, Anna
Barber, Anna J.
Barber, Asa
Barber, Bennet
Barber, Caroline
Barber, Catharine E.
Barber, Choice A. L.
Barber, Darius
Barber, Darius
Barber, Dycy A. J.
Barber, Edward E.
Barber, Elender
Barber, Eli E.
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, James W. F.
Barber, Jane
Barber, John F.
Barber, Joseph
Barber, Joseph M.
Barber, Joshua J.
Barber, Julius F.
Barber, Lawson
Barber, Louisaanna M.
Barber, Lucy A.
Barber, Margaret F.
Barber, Mary S.
Barber, Mary W.
Barber, Sarah
Barber, Sarah A.
Barber, Spencer E.
Barber, Wiley
Barber, Wiley H.
Barber, William A.
Barfield, Nancy
Barksdale, Andrew J.
Barksdale, Ellen F.
Barksdale, Eugenia
Barksdale, Mary E.
Batton, Thadeus
Beck, Benjemin F.
Beck, Jesse
Beck, Joseph W.
Beck, Louisa M.
Beck, Martha
Beck, Simeon
Beck, Tabby B.
Beck, Thomas B.
Bentley, John
Binswinger, Moses
Blanchet, Charlotte
Blanchet, Henry
Blanchet, Martha J.
Blanchet, Nancy
Blanchet, Sarah
Boon, Benjemin F.
Boon, Elijah W.
Boon, George F.
Boon, Joseph
Boon, Rebecca
Boon, Samuel A.
Boon, Sarah L.
Borders, Augustus
Borders, Ellen
Borders, Every
Borders, Georgiet
Borders, Jancey
Borders, Josephus
Borders, Martha
Borders, Mary
Borders, Sarah
Borders, Stephen H.
Borders, William
Borders, Wm. M.
Bostick, Bethena P.
Bostick, Charles A.
Bostick, David A.
Bostick, William A.
Boston, Andrew
Bowen, Caroline
Bowen, John J.
Bowen, Martha
Bowles, Alphea
Bowles, Jesse
Bowles, Levica
Bowles, Susan C.
Bowles, Willis S.
Bradford, Basheba
Bradford, David
Bradford, Henrietta E.
Bradford, Jos. J.
Bradford, Joseph J.
Bradford, Julia D.
Bradford, Louisa C. C.
Bradford, Mary B.
Bradford, Nathaniel
Bradford, Rebecca B.
Bradford, Sarah E.
Braswell, J. J.
Braswell, James C.
Braswell, Mary M.
Broadaway, Wm. A.
Brock, Elizabeth A. R.
Brock, Isaac
Brock, William
Brooks, Eliza
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brooks, Hervey P.
Brooks, Isaac W.
Brooks, James
Brooks, Jane
Brooks, Jordan
Brooks, Lewis
Brooks, Lyman M.
Brooks, Martha A.
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Mary J.
Brooks, Nancy
Brooks, Napolian
Brooks, Redick H.
Brooks, Robert
Brown, A. H.
Brown, Artimecia
Brown, Butler
Brown, James
Brown, Perlimia
Brown, Sidney
Brown, Susan
Brown, William
Brunson, Amanda
Bryant, Amanda
Bryant, Ellen
Bryant, Mary A.
Bryant, Robert
Bryant, William
Burger, Alexander
Burger, James
Burger, Jane
Burger, Johnathan
Burger, Martha
Burger, Matilda
Burger, Nancy A.
Burger, Sarah
Burger, Thos. J.
Burger, Thos. L.
Burnum, James
Burnum, no name
Burnum, Susan U.
Burnum, Thomas O.
Butler, Adeline
Butler, Asa
Butler, Benjemin
Butler, Caroline
Butler, Cora
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Elizer A.
Butler, Henry
Butler, Henry
Butler, Jesse
Butler, John
Butler, John
Butler, Julia
Butler, Levi
Butler, Martha
Butler, Mary
Butler, Nancy J.
Butler, Penny
Butler, Polly
Butler, S. E.
Butler, Sarah A.
Butler, Thomas
Butler, Troup
Butler, Wiley
Butler, William
Buzbee, John W.
Buzbee, John W.
Buzbee, Mary
Buzbee, Mary M.
Buzbee, Wm. A.
Byrd, Wm. A.
Calhoun, John
Calhoun, Lanta
Calhoun, Margaret
Calhoun, Mary J.
Calhoun, Sarah A.
Camron, Murdock
Camron, Susan
Carr, Francis M.
Carr, Francis M.
Carr, Mary
Carr, Penelope
Carr, Penny
Carr, Rebecca
Carr, Thomas
Carr, Thomas
Carr, William
Carter, Allen B.
Carter, George H.
Carter, Mary A.
Carter, William T.
Chambers, Andrew D.
Chance, Andrew J.
Chance, Fibby
Chance, Francis M.
Chance, Henry
Chance, John
Chance, Louisa C.
Chance, Margaret
Chance, Mary A.
Chance, Mitchell
Chance, Simpson
Chance, Susan
Childs, Anna E.
Childs, Fannie W.
Childs, Frances M.
Childs, James E.
Childs, James M.
Childs, John B.
Childs, Mary V.
Childs, Sarah E.
Clark, Christopher
Clark, David
Clark, John
Clark, Leroy H.
Clark, Lucinda
Clark, Lucy
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary A.
Clark, Mary J.
Clark, Morgan
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Randal
Clark, Sarah C.
Clark, Tempey
Clark, Thomas E.
Clements, Daniel T.
Clements, Elbert
Clements, John
Clements, Olivia
Clements, Sarah
Cliat, Sarah
Coats, Abram
Coats, James P.
Coats, John
Coleman, Henrietta
Coleman, James G.
Coleman, John V.
Coleman, Josee
Coleman, Louisa
Coleman, Nancy A.
Collins, Alexander
Collins, Benjemin F.
Collins, Benjemin F.
Collins, Bryant
Collins, Celia E.
Collins, Charles
Collins, Charles B.
Collins, Charles W.
Collins, Cynthia
Collins, Cynthia J.
Collins, Eliza
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Francis M.
Collins, Francis M.
Collins, George
Collins, Henry
Collins, Isabella
Collins, James
Collins, James
Collins, James B.
Collins, James B.
Collins, Jane S.
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Joseph H.
Collins, Lewis
Collins, Lewis A. M.
Collins, Lorenzo J.
Collins, Marion F.
Collins, Martha
Collins, Martha C.
Collins, Martha E.
Collins, Martha E.
Collins, Martin F.
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary E.
Collins, Missouri
Collins, Nancy F.
Collins, Narcissa E.
Collins, no name
Collins, no name
Collins, Piety
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Sarah J.
Collins, Seaborn J.
Collins, Theophilus
Collins, Thomas J.
Collins, William
Collins, William
Collins, William C.
Collins, William D.
Collins, William J.
Collins, Willis J. M.
Colquitt, Anna M.
Colquitt, Benjemin
Colquitt, Cornelius
Colquitt, David J.
Colquitt, Elizabeth J.
Colquitt, Eulalia
Colquitt, Francis M.
Colquitt, Mary E.
Colquitt, Sarah W.
Colquitt, Thos. J.
Colquitt, Wm. H.
Conner, Mary A.
Conner, Mary F.
Conner, Rhoda A.
Conner, Sarah A.
Conner, William
Cooper, Anna
Cooper, Eli
Cooper, Elijah
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Emily
Cooper, Jack
Cooper, James
Cooper, Jane
Cooper, Jasper
Cooper, Jasper
Cooper, Jesse
Cooper, John
Cooper, John G.
Cooper, John M.
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Missouri
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, no name
Cooper, Robertus
Cooper, Rumina
Cooper, Sarah
Cooper, Susan
Cooper, William
Cooper, William
Cooper, Zilpha
Cox, Alexis
Cox, Bartley M.
Cox, Bartley M.
Cox, Chappel
Cox, Charles
Cox, Charles T.
Cox, Henry C.
Cox, Ichabod
Cox, James
Cox, John M.
Cox, Martha L.
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary A.
Cox, Mary E.
Cox, Nancy A.
Cox, Narcissa
Cox, Robert A.
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Sarah E.
Cox, Sarah J.
Cox, Stephen
Cox, Susan E.
Cox, Susan F.
Cox, Temperance
Cox, William M.
Cox, William T.
Crawford, Abel
Crawford, Byrd
Crawford, Eliza J.
Crawford, Wm. B.
Crosby, Aaron
Crosby, Aaron
Crosby, Amanda
Crosby, Angeline
Crosby, Augustus
Crosby, Cynthia
Crosby, Cynthia
Crosby, Dycey
Crosby, Dycey A.
Crosby, Edward
Crosby, Edy S.
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, Ella
Crosby, Eveline
Crosby, Ezekiel
Crosby, George W.
Crosby, Henrietta
Crosby, Henry
Crosby, Henry
Crosby, Henry A.
Crosby, John
Crosby, Joseph
Crosby, Joshua A.
Crosby, Joshua P.
Crosby, Joshua P.
Crosby, Laura
Crosby, Louisa
Crosby, Lucinda
Crosby, Mahala
Crosby, Martha
Crosby, Mary F.
Crosby, Mary J.
Crosby, Melvina
Crosby, Missouri C.
Crosby, Nancy
Crosby, Penny
Crosby, Polly
Crosby, Richard
Crosby, Sabra J.
Crosby, Samuel
Crosby, Samuel C.
Crosby, Sarah
Crosby, Sarah J.
Crosby, Sarah J.
Crosby, Solomon
Crosby, Thomas
Crosby, Thomas
Crosby, Thomas
Crosby, Thomas J.
Crosby, William H.
Crosby, William H.
Crosen, Elijah
Crosen, Hanibal
Crosen, Margaret
Crosen, Sarah J.
Crosen, Sarah J.
Crosen, Theophilus B.
Culpepper, Bryant
Culpepper, D. C.
Culpepper, David W.
Culpepper, Elafair
Culpepper, Eliza
Culpepper, Elizabeth
Culpepper, Elizabeth
Culpepper, Gilla A.
Culpepper, James J.
Culpepper, Jas. B.
Culpepper, Joel
Culpepper, Joel J.
Culpepper, Martha A. E.
Culpepper, Martha E.
Culpepper, Mary
Culpepper, Mary C.
Culpepper, Mary J.
Culpepper, Matthew J. D.
Culpepper, Missouri
Culpepper, Uriah M.
Culpepper, William
Culpepper, William E.
Culpepper, William H.
Cumbast, Anna
Cumbast, Creasy A.
Cumbast, Elizabeth
Cumbast, James
Cumbast, Jones
Cumbast, Sarah
Cumbast, Thomas
Cumbast, William A.
Cumbie, Andrew
Cumbie, Barney
Cumbie, Chesley
Cumbie, David A.
Cumbie, David A.
Cumbie, Elizabeth
Cumbie, Frances E.
Cumbie, James B.
Cumbie, James F.
Cumbie, John J.
Cumbie, Narcissa
Cumbie, Susan E.
Cumbie, Thomas H.
Cumbie, Thos. A.
Cumbie, Thos. H.
Cumbie, Vienna
Cumbie, Vienna
Cumbie, William
Curles, Alxr.
Curles, Buck
Curles, Elizabeth M.
Curles, John
Curles, Sarah E.
Curles, Sarah J.
Curles, William
Cutler, S. W.
Dagrafeuried, C. T.
Dagrafeuried, Laura J.
Dagrafeuried, Rejina M.
Dagrafeuried, Spicer
Dasher, Horace C.
Dasher, Rebecca
Daulton, Wm.
Davidson, Adam
Davidson, Andrew J.
Davidson, Emeline
Davidson, George
Davidson, Gideon
Davidson, John
Davidson, Margaret A.
Davidson, Mary A.
Davidson, Mary E.
Davidson, William
Davidson, William H.
Davis, Anthony
Davis, Bethena A.
Davis, Daniel
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth S.
Davis, Henrietta
Davis, Henrietta
Davis, Henry M.
Davis, Homer
Davis, James
Davis, Jonas
Davis, Louisa
Davis, Macey
Davis, Madison
Davis, Martha W.
Davis, Mary A.
Davis, Mary A.
Davis, Mary J.
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Solomon
Davis, Susan
Davis, Wm.
Dawson, Counci*
Dawson, Joseph
Dawson, Mary
Dawson, Tapena
Dawson, Tempy A.
Dawson, William
Day, Andrew W.
Dennard, Barrel J.
Dennard, John
Dennard, no name
Dennard, Tapena
Dillon, William
Dillon, William
Dodson, Charles
Dodson, Dougherty
Dodson, Eliza
Dodson, Elizabeth
Dodson, Ellen
Dodson, Mary S.
Dodson, Walter L.
Dodson, William
Doughtry, Ann
Douglas, John R.
Douglas, John T.
Douglas, Robert M.
Douglas, Susan B.
Dunaway, Elizabeth
Dunaway, James A.
Dunaway, Laura A.
Edenfield, Caroline
Edenfield, Elias
Edenfield, Elmodom
Edenfield, Frank
Edenfield, John A.
Edenfield, Safira
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, no name
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Thomas
Ehrlich, Bernard
Ehrlich, Lewis J.
Ehrlich, Theresa
Einstein, Benjemin
Einstein, Myer
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, Lucius Y.
Ellis, Tobitha
Ellis, Ulisses
Eubanks, Alexander
Eubanks, Charles
Eubanks, Margaret
Eubanks, Zin
Evans, Alfred
Evans, Clayton
Evans, Gracy A.
Evans, James
Evans, James
Evans, John C.
Evans, Martha
Evans, Polly
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Simon P.
Everett, Celia
Everett, Fanny
Everett, Green W.
Everett, Henry A.
Everett, J. W.
Everett, James H.
Everett, Jas. F.
Everett, Jesse R.
Everett, John L.
Everett, Joseph W. L.
Everett, Mary S.
Everett, S. F.
Everett, S. F.
Everett, Sabra
Everett, T. A.
Everett, Thos. J.
Everett, Wiggins
Everett, William
Everett, Wm. H.
Faircloth, A. B.
Faircloth, Alfred
Faircloth, America
Faircloth, Benjemin
Faircloth, Bethira
Faircloth, Caleb
Faircloth, Calvin
Faircloth, Charles H.
Faircloth, D. C.
Faircloth, Daniel D.
Faircloth, Davis
Faircloth, Drew
Faircloth, Edna
Faircloth, Elafair
Faircloth, Elizabeth
Faircloth, Elizabeth
Faircloth, Eveline
Faircloth, Gabriel
Faircloth, George W.
Faircloth, Green B.
Faircloth, J. G.
Faircloth, James
Faircloth, James H.
Faircloth, James R.
Faircloth, Jane
Faircloth, Joannah
Faircloth, Joel
Faircloth, John
Faircloth, John B.
Faircloth, John G.
Faircloth, John R.
Faircloth, Joshua
Faircloth, Joshua P.
Faircloth, Lucy
Faircloth, Mahala
Faircloth, Martha
Faircloth, Martha A.
Faircloth, Martha A.
Faircloth, Martha J.
Faircloth, Martha J.
Faircloth, Martin
Faircloth, Mary A.
Faircloth, Mary A.
Faircloth, Mary A.
Faircloth, Mary A.
Faircloth, Mary E.
Faircloth, Mary F.
Faircloth, Mary J.
Faircloth, Melvina
Faircloth, Obadiah
Faircloth, R. D.
Faircloth, Redin
Faircloth, Riley B.
Faircloth, Sarah
Faircloth, Sarah
Faircloth, Sarah A. E.
Faircloth, Sarah J.
Faircloth, Shadrick
Faircloth, Shadrik
Faircloth, Thomas
Faircloth, Thomas
Faircloth, Tobitha A.
Faircloth, Wiley
Faircloth, William
Faircloth, William
Faircloth, William F.
Faircloth, Wm. H.
Faircloth, Wm. T.
Findley, Appy D.
Findley, John
Findley, Lucy
Findley, Sarah
Fitzgarrel, Arrena
Fitzgarrel, Butler
Fitzgarrel, David
Fitzgarrel, Laura
Fitzgarrel, Madison
Fitzgarrel, Mary
Fitzgarrel, Mathena
Fitzgarrel, Thomas
Fleming, Franklin
Fleming, James
Fleming, Nancy
Fleming, William
Floyd, Martha
Ford, Ann
Ford, Catharine
Ford, Charlotte
Ford, Elisha
Ford, Eliza
Ford, Elizabeth
Ford, James
Ford, James H.
Ford, Rachel
Ford, Rhoda
Ford, William
Fowler, Charles
Fowler, James S.
Fowler, Martha
Fowler, Mary
Frasier, Drupina
Frasier, Elizabeth
Frasier, Elizabeth
Frasier, John
Frasier, John
Frasier, Martha
Frasier, Mary
Frasier, Perlina
Frazier, Byrd
Frazier, Calvin
Frazier, Drew
Frazier, John
Frazier, John
Frazier, Penny
Frazier, Raiford
Frazier, Susan
Gains, Charles J.
Gains, George
Gains, Wm. A.
Gantt, Hiram
Gantt, Lafayett
Gantt, Mary J.
Gantt, Susan
Gantt, William A.
Gardner, R. D.
Gaulding, Elizabeth J.
Gaulding, Hiram
Gaulding, James
Gaulding, James W.
Gaulding, Martha A.
Gaulding, Nancy A.
Gaulding, Sarah J.
Gaulding, William T.
Gay, Andrew
Gay, Delaware
Gay, Ella
Gay, Georgia A.
Gay, Green R.
Gay, James
Gay, John J.
Gay, Kansas
Gay, Sarah A. E.
Gay, Sarah E.
Gay, William E.
Gay, Wm. G.
Gilliard, George C.
Gilstrap, Wm. T.
Glasier, Jefferson A.
Glasier, John
Glasier, John L.
Glasier, Sophia
Glasier, Taphena
Glasier, William
Glass, James
Glass, James
Glass, Jane
Glass, Mahala
Glass, Mary
Glass, Thomas
Glen, James W.
Glen, Jerry P.
Glen, Jerry P.
Glen, Martha E.
Glen, Mary J.
Glen, Sarah E.
Glen, Tobitha
Glen, Tobitha B.
Glover, Bede
Glover, Elisha
Glover, George W.
Glover, Henry N.
Glover, Mary
Glover, Thos. J.
Godwin, A.
Godwin, Abraham
Godwin, Alxr.
Godwin, Alxr.
Godwin, B.
Godwin, B. A.
Godwin, Beckey
Godwin, Eli
Godwin, Eli A.
Godwin, Elizabeth
Godwin, Elizabeth
Godwin, Emily
Godwin, Fanny
Godwin, Frances A.
Godwin, George
Godwin, Henry
Godwin, James
Godwin, John
Godwin, John
Godwin, John S.
Godwin, Mary
Godwin, Matilda
Godwin, N.
Godwin, N. J.
Godwin, Nancy
Godwin, no name
Godwin, P. A.
Godwin, Permelia
Godwin, Ravina
Godwin, Redick
Godwin, Redick
Godwin, S. S.
Godwin, Samuel H.
Godwin, Scenna
Godwin, Stephen
Godwin, Susan J.
Godwin, Valentine
Godwin, W. R.
Godwin, William H.
Green, Amelia A.
Green, Effe J.
Green, George F.
Green, Marshal W.
Green, Mary F.
Green, Mary F.
Green, Rebecca E.
Green, William J.
Gregory, Georgian
Gregory, Greenly
Gregory, Henry
Gregory, Homer
Gregory, Jane
Gregory, John
Gregory, Melissa
Gregory, Meneta
Gregory, Moab
Gregory, Nancy
Gregory, Richard
Gregory, Samuel
Gregory, Samuel
Gregory, Samuel
Gregory, Sarah
Gregory, Welthy
Griffin, Elizabeth J.
Griffin, Joseph L.
Griffin, Mary A. E.
Griffin, Mary A. F.
Griffin, Sarah E.
Griffin, Wm. H.
Griner, A. E.
Griner, A. J.
Griner, A. M.
Griner, Andrew
Griner, Arr
Griner, Charlotte
Griner, Clary
Griner, Elizabeth
Griner, Emanuel
Griner, Francis M.
Griner, H. R.
Griner, J. J.
Griner, J. R.
Griner, Jas.
Griner, John C.
Griner, John E.
Griner, L. A. E.
Griner, M. J.
Griner, Matthew
Griner, R. A.
Griner, Richard
Griner, Sarah
Griner, Theophilus
Griner, William
Grooms, Ann
Grooms, Caroline
Grooms, Elizabeth
Grooms, Francis
Grooms, James B.
Grooms, John M.
Grooms, Joseph
Grooms, Mary
Grooms, William C.
Groover, Amanda
Groover, Henry
Halford, Dr. Young
Halford, Mary A.
Halford, Wm. R.
Hall, Bedy
Hall, Calvin
Hall, Caroline
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Georgia
Hall, Harmon
Hall, Howell A.
Hall, James H.
Hall, John
Hall, John H.
Hall, John W.
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Josiah T.
Hall, Mary A. E.
Hall, Mary E.
Hall, Mary E.
Hall, Mary P.
Hall, Mathena
Hall, Melinda
Hall, Rebecca
Hall, Rebecca H.
Hall, Sarah F.
Hall, Tempey
Hampton, Benjemin
Hampton, Catharine
Hampton, Elizabeth
Hampton, Frances E.
Hampton, James M.
Hampton, John
Hampton, Josiah
Hampton, Margaret
Hampton, Margaret J.
Hampton, Mary
Hampton, Reason A.
Hampton, Stephen
Hampton, William S.
Hamrick, William T.
Hanlen, Julia A.
Harrol, Abner
Harrol, Alsa A.
Harrol, Arkandis B.
Harrol, Bethena M.
Harrol, Daniel
Harrol, Elizabeth A.
Harrol, Ellen J.
Harrol, Henry J.
Harrol, James
Harrol, John
Harrol, John H.
Harrol, Kanzada
Harrol, Leroy H.
Harrol, Martha
Harrol, Martha A.
Harrol, Mary A.
Harrol, Moses
Harrol, Nancy
Harrol, Rebecca
Harrol, Sarah
Harrol, Sherod
Harrol, Sherod T.
Harrol, Susan D.
Hart, Angeline
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Mary A.
Hart, Simon
Hart, Simon
Hart, Susan
Hart, William
Hatcher, Benjemin
Hatcher, Caroline
Hatcher, Celia M.
Hatcher, Dolley
Hatcher, Eliza
Hatcher, Jack
Hatcher, Jackson
Hatcher, James M.
Hatcher, Martha J.
Hatcher, Mary
Hatcher, Melinda
Hatcher, Nancy
Hatcher, Neeham R.
Hatcher, Pleasant
Hatcher, Reuben
Hatcher, Reuben
Hatcher, Reuben
Hatcher, Robert
Hatcher, Solomon
Hatcher, Susan
Hatcher, Thomas
Hatcher, William A.
Hathcock, Eliza
Hathcock, Harriet A.
Hathcock, Henry
Hathcock, Henry
Hathcock, Laura
Hathcock, Nancy
Haygood, Benjemin F.
Haygood, Elafair E.
Haygood, James
Haygood, Laura L.
Hays, Ann
Hays, Arabella
Hays, Harriett
Hays, Henry
Hays, John N.
Hays, Mary E.
Hays, Richmond
Hays, Torian
Hays, William
Hearst, Lurana J.
Hearst, Wm. E.
Hendley, Bernetta A.
Hendley, Frances E.
Hendley, James R.
Hendley, Mary A. R.
Hendley, no name
Hendley, Wm. G.
Hern, Elizabeth
Hern, Martha S.
Hern, Sementha C.
Herrington, Ann E.
Herrington, Darrol H.
Herrington, McAlex
Herrington, Sallie J.
Herrington, Sarah
Herrington, William
Hill, Wm. F.
Holaday, Dora A.
Holaday, Frances
Holaday, George
Holaday, Jackson
Holaday, Missouri
Holcolm, Bethena
Holland, Dolly A.
Holland, Edy
Holland, Elizabeth
Holland, Isham
Holland, Isham
Holland, James
Holland, Mary J.
Holloman, Nathan
Holloman, Nathaniel
Holton, Anna
Holton, James R.
Holton, John S.
Holton, Margaret
Holton, Seaborn
Holton, Seaborn J.
Holton, Susan
Holton, William R.
Horne, Marshal
Howell, Catharine
Howell, Celia
Howell, Daniel
Howell, Harmon
Howell, Henry
Howell, Homer
Howell, Jackson
Howell, Jared E.
Howell, Martha
Howell, Matilda
Howell, Piety
Howell, Polly A.
Howell, Rachel
Howell, Raiford
Howell, Raiford
Howell, Stephen F.
Hudson, Anna E.
Hudson, Celia
Hudson, D. V.
Hudson, Daniel
Hudson, Elizabeth J.
Hudson, Emily J.
Hudson, James R.
Hudson, John
Hudson, Joseph
Hudson, M. E.
Hudson, Rosella
Hudson, S. J.
Hudson, Samuel
Hudson, Sterling J.
Hudson, Susan
Huff, William
Hughes, Edmund
Hughes, Eliza
Hughes, James
Hughes, Nancy
Hulsey, Wm. H.
Humphrey, James T.
Humphrey, William S.
Hunt, Aly
Hurst, Henrietta
Hurst, Julia
Hurst, Mary J.
Hurst, Wiley A.
Hutchins, Ann
Isham, Jane
Isham, William T.
Ivey, Benjemin F.
Ivey, Eliza A.
Ivey, Gordon
Jackson, Absalom
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Ella
Jackson, Emma
Jackson, George
Jackson, Green S.
Jackson, James
Jackson, James W.
Jackson, Jason M.
Jackson, John W.
Jackson, Josephene
Jackson, Martha
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Mary E.
Jackson, Octavia
Jackson, Virginia
Jennings, Catharine
Jennings, Rhoda A.
Johns, Arbabra
Johns, Bethlem
Johns, Cicero P.
Johns, Georgia C.
Johns, James T.
Johns, Lafayette
Johns, no name
Johns, Thomas H.
Johns, Wakefield L.
Johnson, Asa L.
Johnson, Benjemin
Johnson, Celia
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Elizabeth A.
Johnson, Emily
Johnson, Eugenia
Johnson, Harvey
Johnson, Hilliard
Johnson, Jeremiah
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, Julia
Johnson, Laura S.
Johnson, Lenora
Johnson, Levi P.
Johnson, Lydia
Johnson, Martha A.
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Morgan
Johnson, Owen
Johnson, Polly A.
Johnson, Sampson
Johnson, Sampson
Johnson, Sampson D.
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sarah A.
Johnson, Sarah E.
Johnson, Susan
Johnson, Tallula
Johnson, Theophilus J.
Johnson, William
Joiner, Alfred
Joiner, Alfred G.
Joiner, Andrew J.
Joiner, Asa
Joiner, Asa B.
Joiner, Candace
Joiner, Celia
Joiner, Celia A. M.
Joiner, Euphemia
Joiner, Hilliard
Joiner, Jasper N.
Joiner, Mary E. M.
Joiner, Priscilla
Joiner, Priscilla F.
Joiner, Sarah
Jones, Allen
Jones, Augustus H.
Jones, Augustus H.
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, John
Jones, John W. E.
Jones, Louisa
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Martha
Jones, Martha A.
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary G.
Jones, Mary J.
Jones, Mary M. D.
Jones, Nancy A. F.
Jones, no name
Jones, Permelia
Jones, Reuben
Jones, Robert
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thos. B. R.
Jones, William H.
Jones, William T.
Keane, Bede J.
Keane, Emeline
Keane, James M.
Keane, John
Keane, John
Keane, Lucy A.
Keane, Martha J.
Keane, Mary A.
Keane, Moses
Keane, no name
Keane, Noah
Keane, Penniny
Keane, Penny
Keane, Rebecca
Keane, Samuel
Keane, Samuel
Keane, Sarah A.
Keane, Solomon
Keane, Tabitha
Keaton, Arabella
Keaton, Benjemin B.
Keaton, Burrel D.
Keaton, Cader
Keaton, Cader
Keaton, Frances E.
Keaton, James M.
Keaton, John D.
Keaton, K. M.
Keaton, Mary A.
Keaton, Melvina
Keaton, Tapena
Kemph, Eveline
Kemph, Jacob
Kemph, John M.
Kemph, Julia
Kemph, Mary
Ker*o, Polly
Kersey, Bedy
Kersey, James
Kersey, John C.
Kersey, Lewis
Kersey, Mary J.
Kersey, Peggy A.
Kersey, Sarah A.
Kinney, Elizabeth
Knight, Augustus
Knight, James
Knight, James H.
Knight, Lavenia
Lane, M.
Laseter, Columbus B.
Laseter, James D.
Laseter, James R.
Laseter, John
Laseter, Louisa A.
Laseter, William F.
Lastinger, Claton
Lastinger, Martha
Laurence, William
Lavar, Georgian
Lavar, Jackson
Lavar, Mary J.
Lavar, Sarah A.
Lavar, Sarah E.
Lavar, Thomas
Lavar, Thomas J.
Lawson, Amanda M.
Lawson, America D.
Lawson, Dilly A.
Lawson, Elizabeth
Lawson, George W.
Lawson, Joseph P.
Lawson, Milly
Lawson, Moses F.
Lawson, Seaborn
Lewis, Alxr. M.
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Hester E.
Lewis, John W.
Lewis, Thomas M.
Lindsey, M. J.
Lindsey, S. A.
Lindsey, W. R.
Lindsey, Wm.
Long, Margaret
Lowe, Abram K.
Lowe, Andrew J.
Lowe, Caroline C.
Lowe, Eliza M.
Lowe, Elizabeth
Lowe, Henry A.
Lowe, James W.
Lowe, John A.
Lowe, Martinia
Lowe, Mary M.
Lowe, Nancy H.
Lucas, Harriet
Luckey, Anna J.
Luckey, Arrena
Luckey, Bianca A.
Luckey, Charles
Luckey, Cornelius
Luckey, Delilah
Luckey, James
Luckey, James F.
Luckey, Johnathan
Luckey, Mary
Luckey, Matilda
Luckey, Mitchell
Luckey, Samuel
Luckey, Samuel
Luckey, Samuel
Luckey, Seaborn
Luckey, Thomas
Luckey, William H.
Luckey, William R.
Maley, Effy A.
Maley, no name
Maley, no name
Mallard, Amy M.
Mallard, Benjemin H.
Mallard, C. L.
Mallard, Elizabeth H.
Mallard, Hannah
Mallard, J. W.
Mallard, John
Mallard, Lewis
Mallard, S. J.
Mallard, Wm. F.
Maloy, Caroline
Maloy, Caroline
Maloy, Catharine N.
Maloy, D. A.
Maloy, Edward
Maloy, Elias N.
Maloy, H. M.
Maloy, John W.
Maloy, John W.
Maloy, Jonas
Maloy, Julia
Maloy, Mary
Maloy, Melvina
Maloy, Nancy
Maloy, no name
Maloy, no name
Maloy, no name
Maloy, P. A.
Maloy, Permelia
Maloy, Piety
Maloy, Rachel
Maloy, Richard T.
Maloy, Robert
Maloy, S. J.
Maloy, Sivilla
Maloy, Stephen
Maloy, Stephen N.
Maloy, William H.
Maloy, Zilpha A.
Mansfield, Henry
Mansfield, James
Mansfield, James F.
Mansfield, John E.
Mansfield, Levenia
Mansfield, Loretta
Mansfield, Nancy T.
Maples, Alphada
Maples, Eliza
Maples, Eliza A.
Maples, Israel
Maples, Israel
Maples, James
Maples, John
Maples, John
Maples, John F.
Maples, Louisa
Maples, Louisa H.
Maples, Margaret
Maples, Margaret E.
Maples, Mary A.
Maples, Nathan
Maples, Nathan O.
Maples, Sarah J.
Maples, Temperance
Maples, Thomas
Martin, A. L.
Martin, Alxr.
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Eliza A.
Martin, Elizabeth J.
Martin, Frances
Martin, George
Martin, Henry F.
Martin, J. E.
Martin, J. W.
Martin, Jackson
Martin, James
Martin, James
Martin, James
Martin, Jas. W.
Martin, John
Martin, M. A.
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary A.
Martin, Missouri
Martin, no name
Martin, Robert
Martin, S. E.
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sarah J.
Martin, Wm. H.
Martin, Wm. H.
Mason, Frances
Mason, Frances L.
Mason, Mary E.
Mason, Rebecca L.
Mason, Samuel
Mason, Wm. H.
Mastin, Addison
Mastin, George
Mastin, James
Mastin, Julia
Mastin, Mary
Mathews, Daniel G.
Mathews, Elizabeth
Mathews, Henry
Mathews, Melinda
Mathews, Sephrona
Mathews, Sidney S.
Mayo, David L. M.
Mayo, Zilpha
McCan, Elizabeth
McClendon, Beneta
McClendon, George W.
McClendon, Nick
McClendon, Sarah A.
McClendon, Wm.
McCollum, Wm. T.
McCorcle, Abigail
McCorcle, Annet T. M.
McCorcle, James G.
McCorcle, Letha J.
McCorcle, Mary W.
McCorcle, no name
McCorcle, no name
McCorcle, no name
McCorcle, William
McCord, Emma
McCullen, Mary
McElvane, Baron D.
McElvane, Daniel
McElvane, Elizabeth
McElvane, Manoah
McElveen, Elias
McElveen, Samuel
McGreger, James A.
McGreger, John A.
McGreger, Lucy J.
McGreger, Margaret J.
McGreger, Martha
McGreger, Mary E.
McGreger, Salitha
McLeod, Andrew J.
McLeod, Eliza
McLeod, Elizabeth M.
McLeod, Ephraim
McLeod, George W.
McLeod, Harriet B.
McLeod, Kizzy
McLeod, Mary
McLeod, Mary
McLeod, Missouri
McLeod, Mudock
McLeod, Murdock
McLeod, Rosanna
McLeod, Sarah
McMurphey, Clara S.
McMurphey, Elizabeth C.
McMurphey, James A.
McMurphey, John E.
McMurphey, Marion M.
McMurphey, Mary A. E.
McMurphey, Samuel R.
McMurphey, Thomas P.
McMurphey, Warren J.
McMurphey, William
McRoacher, Ann
McRoacher, George
McRoacher, George
McRoacher, Henry F.
McRoacher, Sarah J.
McWilliams, B. B.
McWilliams, Cementha
McWilliams, Leonidas
McWilliams, Mary F.
Merchant, Elafair
Merret, Abel
Merret, B. S.
Merret, Elizabeth
Merret, Francis
Merret, N. A. M.
Merret, Nancy
Merret, S. A.
Merret, Stephen
Merrett, Elbert J.
Merrett, John A.
Merrett, Louisa M.
Merrett, Nancy
Merrett, Nancy A. S.
Merrett, Penelope E.
Merrett, Sarah A. E.
Merrett, Wm. R.
Miller, Anna
Miller, Jane
Miller, Martha
Miller, Martin
Miller, Sarah
Milton, Georgian
Milton, John
Milton, John S. R.
Milton, LeWalker
Milton, Marietta M.
Mincher, Elafair
Mincher, Elizabeth
Mincher, Frances
Mincher, McDaniel
Mincher, Nathan M.
Minter, Benjemin P.
Minter, Frances
Minter, Rebecca
Moodie, Abigale
Moodie, Elafair
Moodie, Elly J.
Moodie, Jesse
Moodie, Julian
Moodie, Martha
Moodie, Nancy
Moodie, Priscilla A.
Moodie, Robert B.
Moodie, Sarah
Moore, Eliza J.
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Getsey
Moore, Green
Moore, Hulda
Moore, Jason
Moore, Matthew
Moore, Matthew R.
Moore, Missouri
Moore, Nancy
Moore, William J.
Morgan, Brazelton
Morgan, David W.
Morgan, Elizabeth
Morgan, James J.
Morgan, Mary A. E.
Morgan, William H.
Moy, Allen
Moy, Joel Y.
Moy, John
Moy, Mary A.
Moy, Sarah J.
Murphey, Charles
Murphey, Charles
Murphey, Eli
Murphey, Eliza
Murphey, Ellen
Murphey, Esabel
Murphey, Lucinda
Murphey, no name
Murphey, William
Murphey, Willis
N.S., N.N.
Napier, Alxr.
Nelms, Amanda E.
Nelms, Augustus
Nelms, Curtis
Nelms, Elias
Nelms, Elizabeth M.
Nelms, Hardy D.
Nelms, Joseph
Nelms, Joshua
Nelms, Mary
Nelms, Mary A.
Nelms, no name
Nelms, Sarah A.
Nelson, Eliza P.
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, Elizabeth A.
Nelson, Henry
Nelson, James
Nelson, James D.
Nelson, Jane
Nelson, John W.
Nelson, Joseph
Nelson, William H.
Nesmith, Harriet R.
Nesmith, Henry
Nesmith, Jesse J.
Nesmith, Martha J.
Nesmith, Mary A.
Nesmith, Matthew
Nesmith, Rachel E.
Nesmith, Sarah
Newsom, Lawson
Newson, Augustin E.
Newson, Greenberry W.
Newson, Jasper J.
Newson, John H.
Newson, Levi
Newson, Levi E.
Newson, Lucy A.
Newson, Mary
Newson, Mary
Newson, Newton J.
Newson, Reuben A.
Newson, Susan E.
Newson, William H.
Odom, Elizabeth
Oliver, Braddy
Oliver, Daniel
Oliver, Dolly
Oliver, Elizabeth
Oliver, George
Oliver, Joseph
Oliver, Samuel
Oliver, Silvey
Oneal, Charles
Oneal, Elizabeth
Ott, Andrew
Ott, George
Ott, Mary
Ott, Thomas
Ott, William
Ought, Emma
Ought, Josephine
Ought, Mary
Ought, William
Oughts, Benjemin
Oughts, Elizabeth E.
Oughts, John C.
Oughts, Rebecca
Oughts, William
Page, Louisa
Palmer, Arius
Palmer, Betsey A.
Palmer, Caroline A.
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Daniel
Palmer, David
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Floella
Palmer, George
Palmer, Harmon
Palmer, James B.
Palmer, James H.
Palmer, Jane
Palmer, Joseph D.
Palmer, Martha
Palmer, Marthena
Palmer, Mary S.
Palmer, no name
Palmer, Samuel
Palmer, Samuel
Palmer, Susan
Palmer, Thomas A.
Palmer, Trissey
Parham, Calvin H.
Parham, Charity
Parham, John S.
Parham, Martha A.
Parham, Polly A.
Parham, Sarah
Parham, William
Park, Andrew
Park, James
Park, James
Park, John
Park, Julia
Park, Marion C.
Park, Martha
Parker, Charley M.
Parker, Cornelius W.
Parker, Tabitha B.
Pattillo, Burton
Pattillo, Charles
Pattillo, Eliza
Pattillo, James
Pearce, John H.
Pearce, John W.
Pearce, Martha M.
Pearson, Angeline
Pearson, Ann
Pearson, Eliza
Pearson, Elizabeth
Pearson, George
Pearson, Joel
Pearson, John
Pearson, Marion
Pearson, Needham
Pearson, no name
Pearson, Samuel
Peavey, John
Peavey, Littleton
Peavey, Mary
Peavey, Nancy
Peavey, Robert
Peavey, Sarah
Peavey, Thomas
Perdue, Elizabeth N.
Perdue, James F.
Perdue, Mary
Perdue, Wim. F. M.
Perry, Pellena E.
Perry, Red
Phelps, Joseph A.
Phelps, Mary J.
Phelps, Wm. E.
Phelps, Wm. M.
Philips, Andrew J.
Philips, Arlian
Philips, Christianna
Philips, Eliza A.
Philips, Hansel M.
Philips, John P.
Philips, Julian
Philips, Melissa
Philips, Patrick
Philips, William C.
Pickren, Algiers
Pickren, Amanda
Pickren, Daniel
Pickren, Elijah
Pickren, Jacob
Pickren, Jacob
Pickren, James E.
Pickren, John
Pickren, Lavisy
Pickren, Levicy
Pickren, Lucy
Pickren, Nancy
Pickren, no name
Pickren, Sephrona
Pickren, Susan
Pie, Augustus
Pipkin, M.
Poitevint, Alxr.
Poitevint, George
Poitevint, James
Poitevint, James
Poitevint, John
Poitevint, Mary
Poitevint, Nancy
Poitevint, Nancy
Poitevint, William
Pollock, Aenath
Pollock, Ann
Pollock, Bradford T.
Pollock, Earnest
Pollock, Elizabeth E.
Pollock, George
Pollock, George W.
Pollock, Green
Pollock, Harmon
Pollock, Henry
Pollock, James M.
Pollock, Jesse
Pollock, Jesse
Pollock, Jesse J.
Pollock, John
Pollock, Lewis N.
Pollock, Martin
Pollock, Mary
Pollock, Mary
Pollock, Matilda
Pollock, Menen?
Pollock, Rebecca
Pollock, Thomas
Pollock, William
Poore, Montfort S.
Pope, Calvin
Pope, George J.
Pope, Harriet M.
Pope, Henry M.
Pope, James
Pope, James
Pope, John A.
Pope, Lewis
Pope, Mary A. E.
Pope, Mary E.
Pope, Mary H.
Pope, Matthew
Pope, Permelia
Pope, Rebecca
Pope, Sarah F.
Pope, Sarah J.
Pope, Thomas J.
Pope, Willis J.
Porter, Andrew
Porter, B.
Porter, Elizabeth
Porter, Elizabeth S.
Porter, Gilla A.
Porter, John R.
Porter, Levi
Porter, Lucy
Porter, Nathaniel
Porter, Noah
Porter, Stephen
Porter, Susanna
Poulk, Candis
Poulk, Elizabeth
Poulk, John J.
Poulk, Nancy E.
Poulk, Sarah A. C.
Poulk, Thomas R.
Poulk, William
Powell, no name
Powell, Obadiah
Powell, Odas
Powell, Oscar
Powell, Sarah F.
Powell, Thos. C.
Prior, Emma M.
Prior, Green E.
Prior, Harriet E.
Prior, Horrace B.
Prior, Sarah J
Proctor, Mary R.
Proctor, Richard
Proctor, Samuel
Puckett, Alxr D.
Puckett, Augustus A.
Puckett, Jane
Puckett, Lydia
Rackley, America
Rackley, Anna
Rackley, Celistia
Rackley, Cornelius
Rackley, Elmira
Rackley, Henry T.
Rackley, Homer
Rackley, Joseph A.
Rackley, Laban
Rackley, Laban
Rackley, Martha
Rackley, Nancy
Rackley, Nathan
Rackley, Robert
Rackley, William
Ragins, Elizabeth
Ragins, John J.
Ragins, Jordan
Ragins, Lurana J.
Ragins, Mary E.
Ragins, no name
Ragins, Seth J. J.
Ragins, William G.
Rash, James
Ray, Angus
Ray, Duncan
Ray, Elizabeth
Ray, Francis M.
Ray, James
Ray, John
Ray, Mary
Ray, Mary
Ray, Rebecca
Ray, Rebecca
Reed, Clark
Reed, Jesse
Reynolds, Coleman R.
Ricks, Amanda
Ricks, Angeline
Ricks, Curtis
Ricks, Easter
Ricks, Elizabeth
Ricks, James
Ricks, John
Ricks, Martha A.
Ricks, Mary E.
Ricks, Sarah
Roberson, Elizabeth
Roberson, Jas. M.
Roberson, John
Roberson, Nancy
Roberson, Winfield W.
Roberts, A. J.
Roff, F. T.
Roff, Sarah E.
Rogers, Harriet
Rogers, Jesse
Rogers, John A.
Rogers, John B.
Rogers, Martha E.
Rogers, Sarah E.
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Vesta A.
Rogers, William L.
Roleather, Louisa
Sanders, Billington
Sanders, D. H.
Sapp, Ann
Sapp, Celia
Sapp, H. D.
Sapp, Ira
Sapp, Jason
Sapp, John
Sapp, John G.
Sapp, Levenia
Sapp, Martha A.
Sapp, Mary
Sapp, Reason A.
Sawyer, Burket
Sawyer, Cader
Sawyer, Daniel F.
Sawyer, Elizabeth
Sawyer, Green
Sawyer, Greenberry
Sawyer, John
Sawyer, Lemuel P.
Sawyer, Margaret
Sawyer, Martha
Sawyer, Mary A.
Sawyer, Mary E.
Sawyer, Nancy A.
Sawyer, Sarah A.
Sawyer, Uriah P.
Sawyer, William
Sawyer, William K.
Scarbrough, Elizabeth
Scarbrough, James
Scarbrough, John
Scarbrough, Love
Scarbrough, Montgomery
Scott, Jacob
Seigler, Caroline E.
Seigler, David
Seigler, Josephene
Seigler, Mary R.
Seigler, Rebecca
Seigler, Wm. N.
Sellers, Adam
Sellers, Allen T.
Sellers, Anna
Sellers, Elijah
Sellers, Eliza
Sellers, Emily M.
Sellers, George W.
Sellers, H. R.
Sellers, J. E.
Sellers, Jesse
Sellers, John
Sellers, Joseph
Sellers, Louisa
Sellers, Marianna
Sellers, Martha
Sellers, Sally
Sellers, Samuel
Sellers, Susan
Sellers, Susan
Sellers, Susan
Sellers, Wiley
Sellers, William T.
Sellers, Wirght
Settle, E. H.
Settle, John E.
Settle, John F. C.
Settle, Martha F.
Settle, Rebecca
Shackelford, E. H.
Shanklin, E.
Shanklin, Frances
Sharp, Asa
Sharp, Curtis
Sharp, Daught
Sharp, Frances
Sharp, Francis
Sharp, John J.
Sharp, Madison L.
Sharp, Mary A.
Sharp, Melvina M.
Sharp, Sabra
Sharp, William
Sharp, William
Sheck, Susan
Sheck, Thomas
Shirah, Augustus
Shirah, Catharine
Shirah, Charles
Shirah, George W.
Shirah, Irwin
Shirah, James H.
Shirah, John J.
Shirah, Leonora
Shirah, Lydia
Shirah, Marcilla
Shirah, Martha J.
Shirah, Rebecca J.
Shirah, Vian
Shirah, Virginia
Shirah, William G.
Shiver, Celia E.
Shiver, David
Shiver, Dedemiah
Shiver, Emily
Shiver, Evans
Shiver, James A.
Shiver, John W.
Shiver, Loyd H.
Shiver, Manning
Shiver, Manning
Shiver, Miles H.
Shiver, Oliver
Shiver, Ransome
Shiver, Sarah
Shiver, Sarah D.
Shiver, William
Shiver, William J.
Simpson, A. F.
Simpson, Allen B.
Simpson, Allis
Simpson, Alxr.
Simpson, Andrew J.
Simpson, Arthur S.
Simpson, Benjemin
Simpson, Betsey
Simpson, Charles W.
Simpson, Cynthia
Simpson, Easter
Simpson, Eliza
Simpson, Frances
Simpson, James J.
Simpson, James T.
Simpson, Jane
Simpson, Jeremiah
Simpson, John
Simpson, John
Simpson, Joseph
Simpson, Joseph
Simpson, Lucy
Simpson, M. E.
Simpson, Martha
Simpson, Martha
Simpson, Mary A.
Simpson, Matilda
Simpson, Morgan
Simpson, N. A.
Simpson, no name
Simpson, no name
Simpson, O. S.
Simpson, Perry
Simpson, Richard
Simpson, Richard
Simpson, Sarah
Simpson, Sarah A.
Simpson, Susan
Simpson, Taylor
Simpson, Thomas J.
Simpson, Wm. T.
Singleterry, Joseph
Singleterry, Margaret
Singleterry, Susan E.
Singleterry, William M.
Skinner, Alfred
Skinner, Martha
Skinner, Simeon
Skinner, William
Smith, Amanda
Smith, Amanda H.
Smith, Ambrose
Smith, Carr D.
Smith, Crawford
Smith, Elbert
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Green W.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Irijah
Smith, Jane
Smith, Jenna
Smith, Jerona I.
Smith, John D.
Smith, Leroy H.
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Lurana
Smith, Marion
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Moses
Smith, Moses C.
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Samuel G.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah A.
Smith, Sarah A.
Smith, Shadrick
Smith, Shadrick
Smith, Sidney
Smith, Stephen G.
Smith, Susan
Snipes, Madison
Solon, Julius C.
Spence, Emma
Spence, Frances B.
Spence, Hiram W.
Spence, Irena
Spence, James H.
Spence, Jane
Spence, Joseph
Spence, Laura
Spence, Nancy
Spence, Susan J.
Spence, Wiley B.
Spence, William A. J.
Stanley, Ann
Stephens, Andrew J.
Stephens, Andrew J.
Stephens, Cassander H.
Stephens, Sarah F.
Stewart, Andrew J.
Stewart, James
Stringer, Margaret
Stringer, Margaret
Stringer, Seaborn
Sulivan, Coleman F.
Sulivan, Eliza A.
Sulivan, Elizabeth B.
Sulivan, Lydia A.
Sulivan, Mary F.
Sulivan, no name
Sulivan, Rebecca J.
Sulivan, Sarah A.
Sulivan, William
Swearengin, Amanda
Swearengin, Elizabeth
Swearengin, Elizabeth M.
Swearengin, Ella
Swearengin, Emma
Swearengin, John
Swearengin, Mary
Swearengin, Pierce
Swearengin, Thomas
Swilly, M. J.
Swilly, Mary
Swilly, Saml.
Swindle, George W.
Swindle, Mary
Tailer, Creasy E.
Tailer, Elizabeth J.
Tailer, Emily H.
Tailer, Henry F.
Tailer, Jacob
Tailer, James
Tailer, John D.
Tailer, Kiziah
Tailer, Martha J.
Tailer, Nancy
Tailer, Sarah J.
Tailer, William
Tailor, C. A.
Tailor, Dempsey
Tailor, Hansel
Tailor, James W.
Tailor, John R.
Tailor, Joseph
Tailor, Lewis
Tailor, Lucretia
Tailor, Margaret
Tailor, Milton
Tailor, Sarah
Tailor, Susan
Tanner, Mary
Tate, William
Taylor, Abner
Taylor, Ezekiel H.
Taylor, Ezekiel S.
Taylor, Henry E.
Taylor, Jarah J.
Taylor, Jeremiah
Taylor, John C.
Taylor, Robert J.
Taylor, Sarah A.
Thomas, Joshua
Thompson, Joseph A.
Thrash, Fielding S.
Thrash, George A.
Thrash, Hannah R.
Thrash, John S.
Thrash, Mary
Thrash, Violatus D.
Thrash, Wade H.
Tidwell, Frank
Tran**a, Aarredin R.
Tran**a, Eliza J.
Tran**a, Elizabeth W.
Tran**a, James W.
Tran**a, Josephene
Tran**a, Mary R.
Tran**a, Sarah A.
Tran**a, Virginia
Tran**a, Wilberfone
Treadaway, Ellen
Treadaway, James
Treadaway, Mathandrew
Twitty, H. J.
Twitty, J. B.
Twitty, N. H.
Twitty, W. J.
Tyus, Cynthia J.
Tyus, David W.
Tyus, Elizabeth W.
Tyus, Emily D.
Tyus, Henrietta M.
Tyus, James H.
Tyus, John G.
Tyus, Jordan G.
Tyus, Joshua
Tyus, Joshua N.
Tyus, Lewis
Tyus, Lewis G.
Tyus, Mary A. E. D.
Tyus, Sarah E.
Tyus, Susan A.
Tyus, Tolitha
Tyus, William A.
Ursery, Caty
Ursery, Frances E.
Ursery, Jos. E.
Ursery, Susan
Ursery, William
Varnado, A. J. D. J.
Varnado, Margaret J.
Varnado, Robert
Wade, Ann
Wade, Ann
Wade, Augustus
Wade, Brazelton
Wade, Celia
Wade, Elijah
Wade, James
Wade, Jane
Wade, John
Wade, John D.
Wade, Louisa E.
Wade, Mary
Wade, Mary
Wade, Tarpley
Wade, Thomas
Wade, Thomas
Walker, Alabena
Walker, Angela
Walker, Ara A.
Walker, David
Walker, Edward T.
Walker, Edward W.
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Elizabeth T.
Walker, James W.
Walker, Joseph R.
Walker, Mary E.
Walker, Mary J.
Walker, Robert
Walker, Sarah D.
Walker, Susan
Walker, Susannah B.
Walker, William
Warren, James
Warren, James R.
Warren, Lott
Warren, Mary A.
Warren, Nancy A.
Warren, Preston
Warren, Rebecca
Warren, Reuben
Warren, Robert W.
Warren, Roseman
Warren, Sarah
Warren, William B.
Waters, Cornelius
Waters, George H.
Waters, James
Waters, Lucy
Waters, Mary A.
Waters, Roxey
Waters, Samuel
Watson, Adaline
Watson, James
Watson, Joseph
Watson, Martha
Watson, Missouri
Watson, Phereby
Watson, Priscilla
Weeks, Allen A.
Weeks, Eliza
Weeks, John W.
Weeks, Mary
West, Anna J.
West, Anna J.
West, Anna J.
West, Caroline
West, Civil
West, Columbus G.
West, Edward
West, Elijah
West, Elizabeth
West, Elizabeth
West, Frances
West, Frances
West, Frances
West, Frances
West, George
West, George W.
West, George W.
West, Gibson
West, Gibson
West, Harmon
West, Henry O.
West, Homer
West, Ida
West, James
West, James
West, James
West, James
West, James B.
West, Jerry
West, John
West, John
West, John
West, John D.
West, Kiziah
West, Lawson
West, Leonard
West, Louisa
West, Margaret
West, Martha
West, Martha
West, Martha A.
West, Mary
West, Mary
West, Mary
West, Mary A.
West, Mary J.
West, Melissa
West, Melvina
West, Missouri C.
West, Morgan
West, Nancy
West, Noah
West, Reasy A.
West, Rebecca
West, Rigdon
West, Robert
West, Rosanna
West, Roxey
West, Sarah J.
West, Susan
West, Susan
West, Susan
West, Susanah
West, Susannah
West, William P.
West, Winfield L.
West, Wm. R.
West, Wm. T.
West, Wm. W.
Whigham, A. E. W.
Whigham, Mary A.
Whigham, no name
Whilley, Allen
Whilley, Arameta
Whilley, James A.
Whilley, Julia A.
Whilley, Levi B.
Whilley, Wm. J.
Whitaker, Martin W.
Whitaker, Mary
Whitfield, Andrew K.
Whitfield, Mary E.
Whitfield, Nancy E.
Whitfield, Sarah A.
Whitfield, Sarah E.
Whittle, Emeline C.
Whittle, Kinchen
Whittle, N.N.
Whittle, Newton E.
Whittle, Virginia L.
Whittle, Welborn N.
Widner, Hiram
Widner, Milly A.
Widner, Sarah A.
Wilks, Elijah
Wilks, Frances
Wilks, Frances S.
Wilks, John M.
Wilks, Lacey B.
Wilks, Malcolm
Wilks, Malcolm
Wilks, Mary J.
Wilks, Nancy
Wilks, Puss
Wilks, Richard
Wilks, William
Williams, Adaline
Williams, Claracy
Williams, Edward B.
Williams, Eliza
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Francis
Williams, Frank
Williams, George
Williams, George
Williams, Jabez
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, Jane
Williams, Jason
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John P.
Williams, Leroy
Williams, Martha L.
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary S.
Williams, McKree
Williams, Susan
Williams, Susan
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Williams, William
Williams, Wm. M.
Willingham, C. B. F.
Willingham, G. C.
Willingham, Isaac
Willingham, M. E.
Willingham, Mary
Willingham, Mary L.
Willingham, N. J.
Willingham, Wm. N.
Wilson, Amanda A.
Wilson, Andrew J.
Wilson, Cynthia
Wilson, Elijah
Wilson, Eliza
Wilson, Eliza
Wilson, George W.
Wilson, George W.
Wilson, Harriet
Wilson, Henry H.
Wilson, Jennett
Wilson, Jerry
Wilson, John J.
Wilson, Lucinda
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary M.
Wilson, Missouri A.
Wilson, Mitchell
Wilson, Sophia J.
Wilson, Susan J.
Wilson, Thomas J.
Wilson, Thomas N.
Wilson, William
Wilson, Wm. H.
Windsor, Champion R.
Wingate, Alexander
Wingate, Budrosier
Wingate, Burrel
Wingate, Eliza E.
Wingate, Frances
Wingate, Jackson
Wingate, Martha
Wingate, Molsey
Wingate, Prudence
Wingate, Rosier
Wingate, Rozilla
Wise, Henry
Wise, Joseph
Wise, Mary E.
Wise, Matilda S.
Wise, no name
Wood, Calvin
Wood, Calvin J.
Wood, Clara T.
Wood, James
Wood, Julia A. E.
Wood, Martha
Wood, Martha A.
Wood, Martha A. F.
Wood, Mary
Wood, Mary
Wood, Nancy
Wood, Nancy
Wood, Penny
Wood, Rebecca
Wood, Salley
Wood, Sally
Wood, Silas
Wood, Stephen
Wood, Stephen R.
Wood, William
Wood, William J.
Woodward, Dicey
Woodward, Dicey
Woodward, Jane
Woodward, N.N.
Woodward, N.N.
Woodward, Robert
Woodward, Susan
Woodward, Wiley H.
Woodward, Wiley W.
Woolley, Jefferson
Wooten, Richard H.
Wright, Mary A.
Wright, William J.