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Inman United Methodist Church of Fayetteville, Georgia History Web Page
(Contains information on STARR preachers who helped found the church and ministered in the area)

Amelia, b. unknown, daughter of Henry.
Amelia Hannah, b. 20 Jun 1826, daughter of Samuel Steele.
Annie, 2nd wife of Faulton (Folton) SHIVER.
Asa D., b. unknown, son of Henry.
Asa Floyd, b. 4 Jul 1855, son of John Henry.
Barsheba, b. Jan 1810, daughter of Joshua (1778-1822).
Benjamin, b. 29 Jan 1785, son of Henry.
Benjamin Hartwell, b. 7 Oct 1837, son of John Henry.
Caleb, b. unknown, son of Henry.
Catherine H. D., b. 20 Apr 1850, daughter of John Wesley.
Charlotte Ann, b. 10 May 1836, daughter of John Henry.
Charlotte Pinkston, b. abt. 1816, daughter of Benjamin.
David Elder, b. 5 Apr 1835, son of John Henry.
Elbert Soule, b. 3 Feb 1845, son of John Wesley.
Elijah Eleventh, b. 25 Dec 1869, son of John Henry.
Eliza, b. 1 Sep 1811, daughter of Silas.
Elizabeth, b. unknown, wife of William LUNSFORD.
Elizabeth Fenton, b. 25 Oct 1826, daughter of John Wesley.
Emily, b. 10 Dec 1821, daughter of Silas.
Emory Parks, b. abt. 1836/1837, son of John Wesley.
Enoch George, b. 15 Apr 1817, son of Joshua (1778-1822).
Eugenia Cunningham, b. 10 Aug 1817, daughter of Silas.
Euphemia Crawford, b. 10 Feb 1820, daughter of Silas.
Fenton, b. 10 Jun 1815, daughter of Joshua (1788-1822).
Frances C., b. abt. 1807, daughter of Benjamin.
Harriet Asenath, b. 7 Jan 1814, daughter of Silas.
Henry, b. abt. 1752, husband of Mary (STEELE?).
Henry Clay, b. 29 Jul 1846, son of John Henry.
Hilliard Blanton, b. 5 Mar 1854, son of John Henry.
Hilliard M., b. 14 Apr 1811, son of Benjamin.
James Russell, b. 25 Apr 1808, son of Joshua (1778-1822).
James Wesley, b. 10 Jul 1835, son of John Wesley.
James William, b. 22 Aug 1867, son of John Henry.
John Elijah, b. abt. 1780, son of Henry.
John Henry, b. 9 Apr 1812, son of Benjamin.
John Kain, b. 16 Nov 1809, son of Silas.
John Paul, b. 13 Sep 1885, son of Lucius Ernest.
John Pinkston, b. 27 Aug 1849, son of John Henry.
John Wesley, b. 6 Aug 1806, son of Joshua (1788-1822).
John Wesley, Jr., b. 22 Oct 1830, son of John Wesley.
Joseph Tenth, b. 25 Dec 1869, son of John Henry.
Joshua, b. 17 Oct 1778, son of Henry.
Joshua, b. 1 Oct 1811, son of Joshua (1788-1822).
Joshua F., b. 29 Nov 1828, son of John Wesley.
Joshua Howard, b. 10 Jul 1832, son of John Henry.
Lilly Barnett, b. 11 Apr 1823, daughter of Silas.
Lucius Ernest, b. 21 Mar 1838, son of John Wesley.
Margaret Lee, b. 25 Apr 1820, daughter of Joshua (1788-1822).
Martha, b. 3 May 1822, daughter of Benjamin.
Martha Ann C., b. 9 Oct 1833, daughter of John Wesley.
Martha Elizabeth, b. 28 Aug 1838, daughter of John Henry.
Martha Hardwick, b. 11 Nov 1804, daughter of Joshua (1788-1822).
Martha Reid, b. 1 Jul 1823, daughter of Samuel Steele.
Mary, b. abt. 1805, daughter of Benjamin.
Mary, b. 11 Jun 1808, daughter of Silas.
Mary "Polly", b. 10 Oct 1813, daughter of Joshua (1788-1822).
Mary, b. abt. 1856, daughter of Samuel Henry Steele.
Mary Ann, b. 13 Nov 1820, daughter of Samuel Steele.
Mary E., b. 15 Dec 1839/1840, daughter of John Henry.
Mary Francis C., b. 4 Feb 1840, daughter of John Wesley.
Mary Turner, b. 24 Jul 1889, daughter of Lucius Ernest.
Nancy Ellen, b. 24 Dec 1847, daughter of John Henry.
Rachel Rebecca, b. 20 Aug 1874, daughter of John Henry.
Rebecca Hannah, b. 25 Oct 1829, daughter of Samuel Steele.
Richard Copel, b. 2 Mar 1803, son of Joshua (1788-1822).
Rosetha "Rosey" Louise, b. 13 Oct 1858, daughter of John Henry.
Samuel Ernest, b. 21 Jan 1884, son of Lucius Ernest.
Samuel Henry Steele, b. 22 Sep 1833, son of Samuel Steele.
Samuel Steele, b. 11 Oct 1794, son of Henry.
Samuel Turner, b. 26 Mar 1818, son of Joshua (1788-1822).
Sara Matthews, b. 10 Dec 1831, daughter of John Wesley.
Sarah "Sally" Darley, b. 22 Nov 1799, daughter of Joshua (1788-1822).
Silas, b. 17 Nov 1782, son of Henry.
Silas Henry, Sr., b. 3 Oct 1815, son of Silas.
Silas Samuel, b. 7 Nov 1848, son of John Henry.
Silas Samuel Sanders, b. 24 Mar 1810, son of Benjamin.
Wilbur Fisk, b. 3 Jul 1842, son of John Wesley.
William David "Billie", b. abt. 1815, son of Benjamin.
William Henry, b. 28 Mar 1801, son of Joshua (1788-1822).
William Henry Stephen, b. 2 Nov 1845, son of John Wesley.
William Stewart, b. 1 Jan 1858, son of Samuel Henry Steele.

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