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I have been working on extracting certain families from various census records for quite some time now. I have extracted most of the SHIVERs from Mitchell Co., Georgia up through 1900, but don't have them all up on the site yet. All SHIVERs in GA have been extracted through 1880, and I hope to have them up soon.

I have also been working on extracting certain counties for the USGenWeb Census Project for a while now. I have completed the 1860 Mitchell County, Georgia census, and you can find it here or on the Mitchell Co. USGenWeb site. My mother, Jan Crews, extracted the 1860 Monroe Co., Georgia and the 1860 Marion County. She has also done 1850 Monroe Co., Georgia, and I am in the process of proofing it. We are also in the process of extracting the 1850 and 1860 Lawrence Co., Illinois censuses. Look for them to come.

To view the censuses that I have transcribed, just click on the appropriate link below. I hope you find these records helpful!

HINT: When trying to view the census records that appear as text files, please wait until the entire file has downloaded before searching the record. To find a name you are researching, just use the Edit/Find command on your file menu. Also, please remember that if you don't find the name under the correct spelling that it could be misspelled (WHAT? They MISSPELLED names in the CENSUS?), so try several variant spellings.

1800 Kershaw Co., South Carolina census

1850 Baker Co., Georgia census

Partial 1850 Marion Co., Georgia census Transcribed by Mary Kathryn Kozy. Includes the town of Buena Vista, Buena Vista District, District 1034, Majors District, and Kin(t)chafoonee District. It's only about 1/3 of the county, but I hope to do the rest sometime soon. Please send any corrects to me, since it has not been proofed and I would welcome all corrections. Remember however, that I cannot change anything that is not actually in the census (this includes misspellings of names; it is an exact transcription). I may have misread a letter or two in the process of course, and am willing to change those.

1850 Monroe Co., Georgia census. Transcribed by my late mother, Jan Crews. Thanks Mom! -- [NOTE: This census has a little more work for me to get all the page numbers correct. I thought I had finished proofing it, but apparently I hadn't finished changing the page numbers to the a/b format. Please be patient as I get this worked out. This index, however, should help you find the right people! :-) ]

1860 Marion Co., Georgia census. Transcribed by Jan Crews. Thanks Mom!

1860 Mitchell Co., Georgia census

1860 Monroe Co., Georgia census. Transcribed by Jan Crews. Thanks Mom!

List of SHIVER census record extractions

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