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Amanuel Rogers, b. abt. 1855, son of Robert Howard.
Elizabeth Ann, b. abt. 1853, daughter of Robert Howard.
Exer, b. 16 Jul 1861, son of Robert Howard.
James Alexander, b. Aug 1867, son of Robert Howard.
John, husband of Rhoda Adeline MARTIN.
John Whitfield, b. abt. 1859, son of Robert Howard.
Martha Adeline, b. abt. 1857, daughter of Robert Howard.
Robert Howard, husband of Rebecca Caroline MARTIN.
Robert Howard, Jr., b. abt. 1863, son of Robert Howard.
Sara Lou Della, b. abt. 1865, daughter of Robert Howard.
Susan, b. Nov 1869, daughter of Robert Howard.

Fenton (Fenta?), daughter of Richard H.; wife of Joshua STARR.
Hannah, daughter of Richard H.; wife of Samuel Steele STARR.
John H., husband of Ophelia Parks RAMSEY.
Richard H., husband of Martha.

James Richard, husband of Martha Elizabeth STARR.

Ada, wife of Silas Samuel STARR.
Jere., provides security for William M. KAIN as administrator of the estate of John C. PINKSTON.
Mr., husband of Mary CAIN (same as Jere.?)
Robert, husband of Mary E. STARR.

Mary Catherine, 1st wife of James William "Dutch" WEGER.

Ola, wife of Elzie Lafayett SHIVER.

Jetty, wife of Royal SHIVER.

Alfred Sampson, b. 8 May 1872, son of William Charles.
Annie Belle, b. 19 Aug 1875, daughter of William Charles.
Cynthia Ann, b. 18 Dec 1848, daughter of James.
James, husband of Mary Ann WEGER.
John Gilford, b. 30 Nov 1879, son of William Charles.
Louisa, b. abt. 1841, daughter of James.
Martha Caroline, b. 29 May 1837, daughter of James.
Mary Ellen, b. abt. 1846, daughter of James.
Mary Ellen, b. 18 Oct 1867, daughter of William Charles.
Sarah, b. 27 Sep 1836, daughter of James.
Sarah Carolyn, b. 2 Nov 1869, daughter of William Charles.
Victoria, b. 2 Nov 1865, daughter of William Charles.
William Charles, b. 14 Feb 1842, son of James.

Lois, wife of Iverson Lumpkin SHIVER.

Hiram, husband of Mamie SHIVER.

Nancy, 2nd wife of John WEGER.

John, husband of Dorcus SHIVER.

Mr., husband of Catherine Elizabeth BOZEMAN.

Mary Caroline, wife of Asa Floyd STARR.

Elizabeth, wife of James THURMAN.

Mr., husband of Frances J. Elizabeth SHIVER.

Jim, husband of Belle SHIVER.

Lena, husband of Harrison MOREE.

William Richard, husband of Virginia "Jenny" SHIVER.

George William, husband of Mary Ellen McCORKLE.
Sarah Catherine, wife of John Marion WEGER.

Elizabeth, b. unknown, daughter of John Paul.
Hannah, b. 6 Nov 1808, daughter of John Paul, wife of John Wesley STARR.
Jake, b. unknown, son of John Paul.
John, b. unknown, son of John Paul.
John Paul, b. unknown, husband of Elizabeth SHUPTRINE.
Lemuel, b. unknown, son of John Paul.
Lemuel Hardy, husband of Nancy Ellen STARR.
Nick, b. unknown, son of John Paul.
Sam, b. unknown, son of John Paul.
Stephen, b. unknown, son of John Paul.

Lola, 3rd wife of Alfred Sampson McCORKLE.

Dora Ann Hellena, wife of John Thomas "Brack" SHIVER.

Mr., husband of Jessie Belle RAMSEY.

Charles Albert, husband of Susie LUCKEY.

Mary Z., first wife of John Henry POYNER.

A. J., husband of Ethema or Fannie SHIVER.
Charlotte P., wife of Amanuel Rogers MAHAN.
Emma L., wife of James Warren "Buddy" SHIVER.
Eva Lilla, wife of Joseph SHIVER.
Harrison, son of Alfred, father of Eva Lilla.
Mendy Elizabeth, 2nd wife of Hardy S. SHIVER.

Joseph, b. 1874, son of Robert.
Lou C., b. abt. 1871, son of Robert.
Robert, husband of Mary LUCKEY.

Chapman, husband of Mary SHIVER.

T. M., husband of Rozella SHIVER.

Mary Ellen, wife of Charles S. WEGER.

Isaac, husband of Amanda SHIVER.
Simpson, husband of Martha E. WEGER.

Elizabeth, wife of George W. DAVIS.

Abraham William, b. 7 Jun 1843, son of Arthur.
Alice, b. abt. 1860, daughter of Arthur.
Arthur, b. 10 Jun 1816, 2nd husband of Canzada SHIVER.
Arthur G., b. abt. 1859, son of Arthur.
Catherine, b. 14 Jul 1841, daughter of Arthur.
Georgianne, b. abt. 1847, daughter of Arthur.
Hannah A.?, b. abt. 1852, daughter of Arthur.
James, b. abt. 1842, son of Arthur.
Jane G., b. abt. 1846, daughter of Arthur.
Mary Rebecca, b. abt. 1857, daughter of Arthur.
Nancy, b. abt. 1855, daughter of Arthur.
Susan, b. abt 1850, daughter of Arthur.

Jasper J., husband of Amanda SHIVER.

Anderson P., husband of Annie Belle McCORKLE.

Mr., husband of Ella McDora RAMSEY.

Ellen Athey, b. 7 Aug 1840, 2nd wife of John Henry STARR.
Hope, husband of Frances C. STARR.
Lovic Pierce, husband of Martha STARR.
Samuel, husband of Barsheba STARR.

Laney, wife of Alfred MOREE.

Katie Theresa, 2nd wife of John Pinkston STARR.

O. A., husband of Dollie SHIVER.

Anna Brett, wife of Benjamin Patrick POYNER.

Lizzie, wife of William M. SHIVER.

Harmon Preston, husband of Anna Jane "Pinky" LUCKEY.
Seaborn E. "Seab", husband of Delila or Lila LUCKEY.

J. G., husband of Mary Ella WINGATE.

George Washington, husband of Sarah Ann WEGER.

John K., husband of Susan NEWMAN.

George, husband of Milley SHIVER.
Mr., husband of Sarah SHIVER.

Lydia, wife of William SULLIVAN, Jr.

Amanda J., 1st wife of Alfred Sampson McCORKLE.

Charles Morgan, husband of Sarah Carolyn McCORKLE.

Hannah, 1st wife of Jacob SHIVER.
William, husband of Martha Ann SHIVER.

Pellena E., appears in the 1860 Mitchell Co., Georgia census in the household of Seaborn LUCKEY.

Charlotte, daughter of Shadrach; wife of Benjamin Franklin STARR.
Elizabeth, b. abt. 1804, daughter of John C.
Greenberry, b. 8 Aug 1802, son of John C.
John C., son of Shadrach; 1st husband of Elizabeth KAIN.
Shadrach, husband of Athaliza.

Bessie, 1st wife of Algee or Algier Benjamin SHIRAH.
Charlie, husband of Cora SHIVER.
Cudge, husband of Sarah Emma SHIVER.
Melvin, 1st husband of Annie SHIVER.

Bertha Pearl, 2nd wife of Alfred Sampson McCORKLE.

Chester "Beatrice", wife of Thomas "Gilbert" SULLIVAN.
Lizzie M., 2nd wife of Turner Asby SHIVER.

Avy A., wife of Enoch WINGATE.

Dorothy, 3rd wife of Algee or Algier Benjamin SHIRAH.

Benjamin Patrick, b. 10 Apr 1858, son of James Marion.
Clayton Wiley, b. 6 Jul 1849, son of James Marion.
Emma Elizabeth, b. 25 Jan 1855, daughter of James Marion.
James Marion, b. 1 Jun 1824, son of John W.
John Henry, b. 4 Mar 1841, son of John W.
John W., husband of Sarah "Sally" Darley STARR.
Joshua S., b. 2 Aug 1824, son of John W.
Martha Ann, b. 20 Oct 1821, daughter of John W.
Mary F., b. 18 Nov 1834, daughter of John W.
Samuel S., b. 20 May 1830, son of John W.
Sarah "Sallie", b. Mar 1853, daughter of James Marion.
Sarah P., b. 22 Mar 1832, daughter of John W.
Thomas W. J., b. 26 Apr 1819, son of John W.

Elizabeth, b. abt. 1859, daughter of William Terry.
Francis Marion "General", b. abt. 1845, son of William Terry.
Harmon, b. abt. 1846, son of William Terry.
Harriett, b. abt. 1854, daughter of William Terry.
James, b. abt. 1851, son of William Terry.
John, b. abt. 1857, son of William Terry.
Lucinda, b. abt. 1849, daughter of William Terry.
Sarah Ann Delila, wife of Samuel James Augustus SHIVER.
Victoria Missouri, b. abt. 1861, daughter of William Terry.
William Terry, husband of Gilley SHIVER.

Joe Powell, husband of Mary Turner STARR.

Charlie, husband of Daisy SHIVER.

John, husband of Betsie ROGERS.

Sarah, wife of Eli THURMAN.

Alexander, b. abt. 1801.
Alexander, b. abt. 1870, husband of Nancy Lieuzenia RAMSEY.
Alfred Iverson, b. 5 Mar 1854, son of Alfred M.
Alfred M., b. 19 Feb 1813, husband of Harriet Asenath STARR.
Alice, b. 1875, daughter of Darius.
Augustus Monroe, b. 5 Jan 1837, son of Alfred M.
Cary Darius, b. 19 Apr 1878, son of Darius.
Cyrus, b. abt. 1843, son of Alexander.
Darius, b.19 Mar 1832, son of Alexander.
Ella McDora, b. 28 Mar 1868, daughter of Darius.
Emily, b. abt. 1840, daughter of Alexander.
Georgia Ann Elizabeth, b. 23 Apr 1846, daughter of Alfred M.
H(????), b. abt. 1852, daughter of Alexander.
Hanson, b. abt. 1838, son of Alexander.
Hattie Eubilia, b. 6 May 1884, daughter of Darius.
Henrietta, b. abt. 1848, daughter of Alexander.
Iverson A., b. 5 Mar 1854???, possible son of Alfred M.
Jessie Belle, b. 4 Oct 1882, daughter of Darius.
Minda Lee, b. 18 Aug 1866, daughter of Darius.
Nancy Lieuzenia or Rosena, b. 21 Apr 1872, daughter of Darius.
Ophelia Parks, b. 4 May 1839, daughter of Alfred M.
Stinson A., b. abt. 1835, son of Alexander.
Virginia Ann Dill, b. 28 Jun 1849, daughter of Alfred M.
William Elzie, b. 21 Sep 1880, son of Darius.

Emma, 2nd wife of Randolph WEGER.

Asahel, husband of Phoebe THURMAN.

Evalina, b. 21 Oct 1853, daughter of James Andrew.
James Andrew, husband of Elizabeth Fenton STARR.
John, b. unknown, son of James Andrew.
young child, b. 19 May 1862, child of James Andrew.

Lois, wife of John Harvie SHIVER.
Melisa Cathen, wife of Joshua Howard STARR.

Pearl Elizabeth, 2nd wife of Ivy Monroe SHIVER.
Phoebe, wife of James Russell STARR.

Johnsie Richard, 1st husband of Emma Elizabeth POYNER.
Sabie E., 1st wife of Clayton Wiley POYNER.

Nancy Ann, wife of William Jasper WEGER.

John R., husband of Rosetha "Rosey" Louise STARR.

Alfred McKinney, b. 27 Feb 1810, son of Elisha.
Betsie, b. unknown, daughter of Elisha.
Dauswell, b. 1819 or 1827, son of Elisha.
Dauswell, Jr., b. unknown, possible father of Elisha.
Eli, b. unknown, d. as a child, son of Elisha.
Emma Lou, b. 7 Aug 1875, daughter of Thomas L.
Jackson, b. unknown, son of Elisha.
James, b. unknown, son of Elisha.
John, b. unknown, son of Elisha.
Keziah Thurman, b. 1816, daughter of Elisha.
Mary, b. abt. 1824, daughter of Elisha, wife of Russell MARTIN.
Nancy, b. unknown, daughter of Elisha.
Philip, b. unknown, d. as a child, son of Elisha.
Phoebe, b. unknown, daughter of Elisha.
Rosannah, wife of Ephraim THURMAN.
Sarah "Sallie", b. abt. 1831, daughter of Elisha, wife of Alexander MARTIN.
Sonny, d. as an infant, son of Elisha.
Susan, b. unknown, daughter of Elisha.
Thomas L., husband of Josephine Ann WHITLEY.
William, of White Co., TN.
William L., b. 10 Nov 1821, son of Elisha.

Eliza Matilda, wife of Samuel TEPPER.

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