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Nancy E., 1st wife of James William WEGER.

Samuel B., husband of Jane SHIVER.
Mrs. Bennie, 2nd wife of William M. "Pete" LUCKEY.

Mr., husband of Lucy Lucinda WEGER.
Thomas, husband of Mary Edder SHIVER.

Miss, wife of William Elzie RAMSEY.

Bradford, husband of Jane CAIN.
Catherine, b. 1815/1817, daughter of George.
George, b. abt. 1778, husband of Abigail M.
John W., husband of Emily Jane SHIVER.
Thomas J., husband of Ruthia SHIVER.

Rhoda, wife of Asa D. STARR.

Allie C., wife of Joel Ransom SHIVER.
Lula Margaret, wife of Ransom Beauregard SHIVER.
Susie Ann, wife of William Thomas SHIVER.

John Stevenson, husband of (1) Caroline SHIVER and (2) Mary Idella Frances.

Josephine Ann, wife of Thomas L. ROGERS.

Panky or Pinky, 1st wife of George Ennis SHIVER.

Ali U., husband of Celia Elizabeth SHIVER.
Leila B., wife of Clemmon T. SHIVER.
Tilman Marian, husband of Minda Lee RAMSEY.

Francis Louisa, 1st wife of Green Berry SHIVER.
Georgia Ann, wife of Laurrel SHIVER.
Minnie Lee, wife of William Alfred SHIVER.
Nina, wife of Ben Russell SHIVER.
Susan, 2nd wife of Napoleon Bonapart SHIVER.

Augustus F., son of Newton F.
C. Ben F., b. abt. 1852, son of Isaac.
George C., b. abt. 1848, son of Isaac.
Isaac, b. abt. 1820.
Martha E., b. abt 1850, daughter of Isaac.
Mary L., b. abt. 1854, daughter of Isaac.
Nancy J., b. abt. 1844, daughter of Isaac.
Newton F., 1st husband of Georgia Ann Elizabeth RAMSEY.
William Newton, b. abt. 1846, son of Isaac.

Sarah, 1st wife of Napoleon Bonapart SHIVER.
Tom, husband of Alberta SHIVER.

Hattie, wife of Wade Hampton SHIVER.
Homer, husband of Annie Lee SHIVER.

Effie Alma, 1st wife of Randolph WEGER.
Emma, wife of Charles Jasper WEGER.
Jonathan, b. abt. 1852, son of Joseph WINEMAN, husband of Cyntha Ann WEGER.

Alexander, b. Mar 1860, son of Rosier.
Burrel, b. abt. 1855, son of Rosier.
Calvin, b. abt. 1852, son of John Wesley, Jr.
Elizabeth, b. Jan 1848, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Enoch, b. May 1851, son of John Wesley, Jr.
Frances, b. abt. 1853, daughter of Rosier.
Jacob, b. abt. 1863, son of Rosier.
James Lunsford, b. Dec 1854, son of John Wesley, Jr.
John W., b. 21 Dec 1867, son of Rosier.
John Wesley, Jr., son of John Wesley Sr., husband of Sarah Ann Elizabeth SHIVER.
John Wesley, Sr..
John Wesley III, b. Jun 1850, son of John Wesley, Jr.
Lewis Garner, b. 1 Jul 1870, daughter of Rosier.
Loretta, b. abt. 1866, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Luvenia, b. abt. 1867, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Martha Jennie, b. abt. 1864, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Mary or Mollie, b. abt. 1869, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Mary Ella, b. Nov 1859, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Nancy Ida, b. abt. 1862, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Ransom Beauregard, b. 4 Dec 1861, son of Rosier.
Rebecca J., b. abt. 1847, daughter of John Wesley, Jr.
Rosier Shirley, husband of Martha Ann SHIVER.
Rozella, b. abt. 1858, daughter of Rosier.
William Henry, b. Apr 1856, son of John Wesley, Jr.

William Maltbie, husband of Mary Francis C. STARR.

Samuel, husband of Phoebe ROGERS.

Nathan, husband of Catherine SHIVER.

Remus R., husband of Nancy NEWMAN.

Elijah, husband of Victoria Ann McCORKLE.

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